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Star Citizen

Spotlight: Fresh Release

Star Citizen - Titans

May 08, 2024

9k      1k    40    02:52
Star Citizen - Titans
2 months ago
"Star Citizen Titans" by Sascha Ende is an epic and majestic piece that captures the grandeur and adventure of space. The song combines orchestral and electronic elements to create a timeless soundscape that is both nostalgic and futuristic. The track begins with a deep, rhythmic percussion that sets a powerful...

Latest Handcrafted (Human-Made) Music

6k      491    18    03:05
Der Kristall - Ending
4 months ago
Handmade music for a short movie: https://kurzfilmschmiede.de/2023/02/08/der-kristall/
4k      259    11    02:08
Der Kristall - Intro
4 months ago
Handmade music for a short movie: https://kurzfilmschmiede.de/2023/02/08/der-kristall/
3k      238    18    01:48
Handmade music for a short movie: https://kurzfilmschmiede.de/2023/02/08/der-kristall/
6k      283    21    03:20
The Duck
5 months ago
Embark on an audacious auditory adventure with 'The Duck', a song that isn't just a track but an experience, marrying the relentless energy of hardcore techno with the unexpected hilarity of, you guessed it, a quacking duck. This isn't just music; it's a journey through sound where nature meets the...

Other Music

1k      105    10    03:48
LYRICS A Patre Unigenite, ad nos venis per Virginem, baptismi rore consecrans, cunctos, fide regenerans. De caelo celsus prodiens excipis formam hominis, facturam morte redimens, gaudia vitae largiens. Hoc te, Redemptor, quaesumus : illabere propitius, clarumque nostris cordibus lumen praebe deificum. Mane nobiscum, Domine, noctem obscuram remove, omne delictum ablue,...
2k      48    1    04:54
The TechTimes Scam
a month ago
I want to share the story behind my latest track, "The TechTimes Scam". This song was born out of a frustrating experience that many of us in the industry might relate to: falling victim to deceptive marketing practices, specifically unrequested spam emails. It all started with an unsolicited email from...
2k      110    4    01:38
2k      168    8    04:39
Summer In Our Soul
2 months ago
LYRICS [Verse 1] Sun is shining, skies are clear Feel the rhythm, summer's here Dancing barefoot on the sand Heartbeats echo, hand in hand [Chorus] We feel the summer in our soul Let the music take control Every moment, young and free In this summer, you and me [Verse 2]...
2k      92    14    05:59
Amazing Grace
2 months ago
If you're wondering what the current state of AI music is. Here it is (it's really 100% AI, even if it was about 3 hours of work on my part).
2k      227    13    02:05
1k      86    5    02:40
1k      75    7    02:10
1k      56    7    02:14
Cinematic Trailer 003
2 months ago
856      54    6    01:47
Cinematic Trailer 002
2 months ago
2k      190    22    01:38
Cinematic Trailer 001
2 months ago
1k      79    5    02:37
Urban Lofi Dreamscape
2 months ago
985      29    1    02:32
Funky Elevator
2 months ago
3k      189    9    02:11
Epic Odyssey
3 months ago
2k      76    5    03:16
3k      186    15    02:43
Surfers Paradise
3 months ago