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New music by Sascha Ende

I use every free time to produce new music. Mostly I get inspired by current events or computer games. These are my latest two tracks.

2k      145    29    03:41
I have listened to hundreds of cowboy songs in the last 2 months, looked at all the instruments, studied how banjos and dobros work. It was a week and a half of work to combine classical elements of cowboy music with modern film music in the style of Hans Zimmer...
3k      152    19    03:46
The most super mega ultra emotional song ever made: Feel the Feels! It is so emotional that even the choir is singing "Feel The Feels". Since an emotional piano, an emotional violin and an emotional choir alone were not enough, a gospel singer also sings very emotionally. This song not...
4k      365    59    02:46
This is one of the most elaborate tracks I have produced to date. Over a week of work and over 50 instrument tracks in total. Absolute attention to detail gives this song the ultimate epic feel. Because the song just became massive, "Colossus" was the perfect name.

Staff picks: New music from other artists

64      2    1    02:35
If this song was an object it would've been an object that has been stuck at the bottom of the sea, corroding for hundreds of years. I really enjoy the mix, though. It's filthy, dirty and lasts for just as long as it needs too! Any longer and my brain...
87      7    2    04:12
Exciting Synthesizer Trance with spherical Sound Design for Sports, Adventure, Action, Laser Shows and much more.
174      5    1    03:50
The city is practically groaning over the processing necessary to keep it going. Some neat breakdowns and a bit of a digital playground, this is a good mood setting piece.
141      3    1    04:10
I picture some kind of digital traffic jam, with a person longingly looking out their dash window at the break lights, hoping to speed up the process to get home. Flying cars and a digital landscape surrounds...
282      24    5    02:23
419      17    5    02:54
Relaxing, chill and uplifting organ rock piece!
437      31    5    03:33
Beautiful harmonic Melody with angelic spherical Pads, Choirs, Irish Flute and more. Ideal for Meditation, Yoga, Drone flights, Nature, Eroticism and much more.
412      43    5    02:23
Instrumental corporate uplifting music composed for mute, electric and acoustic guitars, glocks, piano and strings, ideal for commercials, advertising and ads. Also a great background for any positive media and audio visual production, specially on youtube, vimeo, tik tok and instagram.
323      14    6    00:12
Energy and beautiful synthwave style musical intro. This composition perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 80s. Perfect for futuristic videos, documentary films, hi tech projects, science, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, modern fashion, futuristic cinematic, active sports, action videos, IT, TV broadcasting, innovations, promo videos, space, cosmos, digital marketing, innovative technologies, dynamic footage,...
255      0    4    00:16
Relaxing and kind musical intro in the style of lo-fi old school hiphop. Perfect for starting a YouTube show, podcast, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials, slideshows, business videos, startup videos, app promos, marketing videos,...
321      0    5    02:24
Explosive metal track of dubstep beat. Heavy guitars are tuned in G. Different effects saturate the mix. Sports, fighting, cars, extreme – this theme, in which perfectly fit the track. Style: Metal, Rock, Alternative, Dubstep, Djent, Hardcore, Grunge Perfect for commercials, dynamic slideshow, presentations, sports opener, sports intro, sport promo,...
451      37    6    01:45
Very tense and dark composition. The main tension lurks in the piano melody, which is complemented by the drums and a the synthesizer! Perfect for dramatic films, horror films, sci-fi films, documentaries, tv, movies, trailers, post-apocalyptic theme, games and so on. Instruments: Piano, drums, violins, synth, percussion, fx. 2 versions...
442      27    5    01:25
Tense build up. Dark track.
333      13    1    02:53
Window of respite with this atmospheric track.
580      21    4    02:23
Tense and dramatic track for sports/advertising.
490      28    6    02:42
697      22    2    02:41
A short poppy spring song.
597      0    4    06:56
Mysterious and dark ambient soundtrack composed with calming instruments like soft piano, pads, ambient synths and many more.
673      28    6    02:38
Fire and Ice Epic Ambient music track featuring many orchestral instruments combined with ambient synths.
669      29    5    02:55
708      26    8    04:18
617      35    7    03:26
Check the Download Link Below ---> Dancing Abroad (2012 Version) - Oriental Zither Music, this tune "Dancing Abroad" took me 6 months to finish, and 12 months to complete. Since then I start to compose more Zither music in live gigs & clubs.
806      28    3    01:08
1k      75    19    03:23
Chill, lo-fi beat featuring sad piano.
404      19    3    02:22
669      30    7    02:58
"Madman Screams" is a thrilling hip hop trap song that will leave you on the edge of your seat. With pounding beats, sharp lyrics, and a haunting melody, this track captures the raw energy of the streets. As the track unfolds, the tension builds and builds, until the explosive chorus...
570      15    4    02:48
Chill electronic pop track with a touch of acoustic guitar.
828      50    8    02:43
580      16    4    03:18
Largely inspired by the works of Wendy Carlos and Kraftwerk.
1k      91    8    01:49