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Founded by Sascha Ende and his wife Kathrin Ende, Filmmusic.io is a marketplace launched in Hannover (Germany) in April 2019. Mainly licenses are offered, which also allow free commercial use, as long as the author is named according to the specifications. Users, who cannot or do not want to name the author, have the possibility to purchase extended licenses with a lifetime validity. The marketplace is primarily aimed at amateur musicians and serves as a target group for example media professionals, photographers, producers of independent films, game developers, educational institutions, aid organisations and other institutions with low or hardly any budgets. But also amateur filmmakers and youtubers will find a wide selection of free music on the marketplace, without having to forego the monetization of their videos.

Filmmusic.io has very low costs, because there is only one employee, who does everything in his spare time: and without salary. Sascha Ende takes care of the programming, answers all support requests personally and has even produced over 600 songs so far, which can only be found on this website.

The reason to create this website is easily explained: Since Sascha is a musician himself, but also a full-time programmer, it was obvious to create his own website. Soundcloud and other platforms were no alternative, because they are either overrun by bots or cost a lot of money. Sascha wanted a website that ensures that the artists get as much of the revenue as possible.

In contrast to many other marketplaces, Filmmusic.io pays 70% to the artists. The remaining income is used to cover the running costs such as for the operation of the servers, the content delivery network, the tax consultant, the accounting and all other running costs a company has to bear. The free use is mainly financed by the advertising.

As of 10.11.2020 Filmmusic.io has ~100.000 registered users and generates daily with 10.000 visitors about ~300-400GB of data transfer.

And that's exactly why Filmmusic.io is not for sale and never will be, because it's a project of Sascha's heart - basically a life task to make this website big and better and better!

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