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Sascha Ende (2001) with a Roland MC 505
Sascha Ende (2001) with a Roland MC 505 is a unique and innovative platform that was created with the goal of providing a free and accessible resource for musicians and media professionals alike. Founded by Sascha Ende in Hannover, Germany in April 2019, the marketplace offers a diverse selection of music licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license, which allows for unlimited commercial use as long as the author is properly credited. This license is particularly appealing for media professionals, photographers, independent filmmakers, game developers, educational institutions, and other organizations with limited budgets who are in need of high-quality music for their projects.

Despite popular belief, the website is maintained solely by an individual (not even a company) operating in their spare time. This includes all aspects of the website such as music, programming, and correspondence.

In addition to serving as a valuable resource for professionals, also caters to amateur content creators and enthusiasts. YouTubers and other amateur filmmakers can find a wide range of music to use in their videos, all for free and without having to sacrifice any potential monetization. offers an alternative to platforms like Soundcloud, which can be overcrowded or require high fees, making it difficult for musicians to promote their work.

One of the key features that sets apart from other music marketplaces is the fact that Sascha Ende personally manages every aspect of the website in his spare time. This includes programming, as well as producing over 600 songs that are exclusive to the platform. The low overhead and cost of operation make it possible for to offer music for free, with the costs being covered through advertising and donations.

Sascha Ende is dedicated to continually improving and growing, and has made it clear that the platform is not for sale and will never be. It is a passion project that he has poured his heart and soul into, and he is committed to making it the best it can be for the benefit of musicians and media professionals around the world. Whether you are a professional or amateur, has something to offer for everyone in need of high-quality music for their projects.