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You juggle music and audio and want to present your work to the world? This is the right place for you.

Discover the Benefits of Being a Artist

  • Free Account: Creating a account is completely free of charge, giving you unlimited access to the platform's features and benefits.
  • Unlimited Uploads: You can upload as many tracks as you'd like, with no restrictions on quantity. Just let us know if you're planning on uploading more than 100,000 tracks, so we can accommodate your needs.
  • Credit and Exposure: When users download your music, they must give you credit by including your name, song title, and a link back to your profile. This helps you gain exposure and reach new fans.
  • Community Features: is more than just a music platform — it's a community. You can connect with other artists and gain new followers through our community features.
  • Badge of Trust: By completing the person verification process, you can earn a badge for your profile. This badge signals to others that you are a real person, helping to build trust and credibility with potential fans and collaborators.

With all of these advantages and more, there's never been a better time to become a artist. Start sharing your music today and connect with the world!

Maximize Your Earnings

  • Link your Stripe and/or PayPal account to receive 100% of your earnings (it's your own paypal or stripe account).
  • Set your own price for extended licenses and allow users to use your music without attribution.
  • For those who prefer to keep their music exclusive, you have the option to set individual or all songs to "PREMIUM". This means that only those who purchase a license will be able to download your music.

Flexible Options for Your Music

You have three options for your music:

  • Offer it only for free in high quality (do not set up STRIPE or PAYPAL).
  • Offer it for free with the option to purchase an extended license through Stripe or PayPal. Free downloads will be lower quality.
  • Keep it exclusive and only available for purchase as a "PREMIUM" option through Stripe or PayPal.

Customize your settings for each song, choose to keep some songs free and others exclusive.

There are some important rules

As a new artist on, it's important to be aware of our guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience on our platform. Here are a few key rules to keep in mind:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Quality Control: is a marketplace for independent artists, and it's important to maintain a high standard of quality for your uploaded content.
  • Copyright Compliance: To avoid any legal issues, please ensure that you hold the copyrights to all audio files you upload, including any samples used in your work.
  • Membership Restrictions: is not affiliated with any musical collecting societies, so please make sure that your uploaded music is not registered with one.
  • Account Longevity: We ask that artists do not delete their accounts and music frequently, as this can be disruptive to users who have added your music to their playlists. Your account and uploaded content will remain active for at least one year from the date of your last upload.
  • Verification Process: For the safety and protection of all users, we require all artists to complete a verification process, including the submission of a government-issued ID and three selfies.

By following these guidelines, you can contribute to a vibrant and enjoyable community on

Are you ready? Let's go!

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