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2am. It is raining and there is a line outside the noodle place. A dim red glow comes up from the next staircase down; you hear a hypnotic pulse. Looking...
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4 players. 4 big drums. This is more of an ingredient than a stand-alone piece of music. Serving suggestions: Add ambiance to your RPG. Spice up your next didgeridoo performance....
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Welcome to "Hotel Lobbies Around the World"! Here in Guzheng City, this hotel lobby features flaming brasiers offset the triple 10 meter waterfalls. An innovative clock made of animatronic dolphins...
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Is it chiptunes? Nope. Is it 80s? Nope. We had to wait 40 years for this stupid fusion! 40 Years!!! It is really happy, though. Like when an underdog video...
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The 80s Gallop, a rhythmic motive heard in this piece, was popularized by many synth pop bands of yesteryear. Legend has it, some of those bands may still exist -...
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Build your pyramid in Five easy steps! 1) Level the intended build site 2) Get your GED in architecture 3) Quarry 100 million tons of limestone from a local quarry...
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What do you get when you cross Phil Collins and Enya? You get a visit from the ethics department, and you get your funding revoked.
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The title of this piece of music is a pun. The word "Aerosol" is a reference to a common hair product delivery method of the 1980s. "Aerosol" can very easily...
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This piece of music contains pleasing audio information.
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This version of canon in D is so over-the-top, it has gone into orbit! Hah! Bit glitch reggae trap beat. You can tune out the instrumentals and just focus on...
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Harpists, by nature, are solitary people who love horses. Getting harpists to play fast together and contour a melodic line is neigh-on impossible. So we have to give all the...
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You know Canon in D. You know what an old harp sound like... If you're into that combo - here you go! Wedding processional at a Ren Faire? Check! Background...
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The autoharp is that instrument that has a pile of parallel strings that you strum while pushing buttons to make different chords. I remember these from 5th-grade music class along...
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Super-Mario world level 2-18, the wedding cake world.
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