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With elements of a quick Russian polka playing in the immigrant section of industrial-era New York City, this piece is mainly in a minor key, but at the halfway point...
26457      1187    120    01:27
Tasteful version of the classic religious piece.<BR>
17141      719    76    03:09
Very long, very slow, trance-inducing piece... 36 cents sharp of the key of F. Yes, there is a good reason for that. No, I'm not going to explain it.<BR>This piece...
20435      917    126    32:42
Remember when you went on summer holiday to your Auntie's house outside Nether Wallop in Hampshire while your parents went to Cyprus to broker a secret deal with the Ottoman...
93144      4908    357    03:22
Slow-building piece in 7-4 time.<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
32839      1590    129    03:48
A crazy ride, starting calm and erupting into a frenzy. Calm again at the end. Very Elfman-like.<BR>
10228      373    39    00:57
This is the first slow 8-bit piece I ever tried. There was some skepticism going in, but holy man! This turned out great! You can use it for your game...
15581      457    57    04:00
Light and airy, this piece is guaranteed not to steal focus.<BR>
128848      7060    353    05:07
Slow; lots of flutes; some digital synth for texture.
17887      853    97    05:41
A tight slightly funky EP and drum machine driven piece featuring female voice.
7388      250    37    02:51
Just a quick piece from a traditional Latin mass. Lyrics are "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis._. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem". For Sopranos...
41492      2054    231    01:31
The whole Orchestral Speed Metal genre has been done to death. But you can't consider yourself a real composer if you haven't checked "Orchestral Speed Metal" off your list. Other...
27933      904    93    03:58
This is a dark, almost inky feel - subtle, and texturally rich.
23917      1182    87    03:12
It came from the GameBoy! Classic adventure style video game music in awesome style! Grab your sword! An Adventure Meme awaits! You can <A HREF="/music/royalty-free/Downloads/AdventureMeme.html">download this in uncompressed format here</A>!...
20067      745    90    01:41
Cool EP, muted trumpet, and a layed back bass.
339407      19563    712    03:28




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