The advantages as a registered user

  • Absolutely free of charge - no costs, not even later
  • MP3 in better quality (320kbit/s instead of 128kbit/s
  • For registered projects No naming of authors necessary
  • Monetise Youtube Videos
  • License documents as PDF for you or your customers
  • More search options

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This is how it all works

Whenever you need music, you add the music you need to your license basket. When you have all the music you need for your project, you fill out a form with information about the licensee and the project and create it as a new project. For each project you will then receive a license document (PDF) containing all important information for you or your customers. This document also serves as proof that you don't have to pay any additional money to collecting societies.

Our Mission

We would like to make our contribution so that the search for the "right" song no longer becomes a question of price. Our offer also enables small companies, filmmakers or youtubers to legally enhance their projects with high-quality music.

What you get

With a free user account you will regularly get new music as well as a modern uncomplicated license platform, which is constantly further developed by us. Here not only the music is produced by ourselves but even the complete website is programmed by ourselves. We are happy to implement wishes or feedback and also music wishes for new productions are sometimes put into practice. On request we offer special prices for individual music or audio productions and adaptations.

Advantages for registered users in detail

License documents

For each project you create, you can download the corresponding release document or license document. This serves as proof that you do not have to pay any fees to collecting societies. If you do not renew your subscription, you will have a written license certificate for each project - even after the subscription.

Download as Wave File

As a betatester you can download music from us not only as MP3 but also in high quality WAV format, which is supported by all common video editing programs. The annoying conversion is no longer necessary.

No naming of authors

Even if we are of course happy about a voluntary naming of authors, as a registered user you are not obliged to a naming of authors - neither in the video or audio project, nor next to it. The only important thing is that you license your music and create it as a project in your account.

For you and your customers

You can license the music for your own projects, but you can also specify your customer as a licensee for a project if you have created a movie or audio project for that project.

And Youtube?

Our music is not registered on Youtube, there is no copyright notice when using our music. Your videos are safe.


We are not a member of a collecting society (GEMA, ASCAP, PRS, SUISA, AKM, etc.). There is therefore no fee to be paid to a collecting society. All rights of use and exploitation are exercised by ourselves.