Major platform updates 03.06.2020

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04. June 2020
- The design was updated in places: The menu is now blue and no longer white, the colors of headlines have been adjusted
- The search was revised: A new FIlter was added to filter CID tracks. The PREMIUM music filter did not work, we fixed this.
- The artists "AlekSound" and "OtisGalloway" were removed from the platform due to violations of our artist terms of use. Purchased licenses are still valid.
- We have fixed the problem that you always had to click twice on touch devices in the menu.
- The topics, genres and artists are now finally two-columned, even on small screens.
- We have finally removed the advertisement ;)
- We are currently developing and testing a new section "Webradio"
Attention: You will most likely (unless another user has mercy) not get an answer to questions that have already been answered in the FAQ or that have already been asked in the forum.