I have read the FAQ, am I meeting your DMCA requirements?

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11. June 2020

I have read the FAQ and wanted to double check that my set up complies with the law in case of a DMCA take down.


I am a commercial streamer and I use film music audio in all of my streams. My stream is a series of shows each 3 hour long stories making up seasons.

At the end of each of these episodes I run credits which depict:

The name of the show
The Cast
The Game system and producer
Sponsors and Sponsor Information
Music: Attribution information taken from the download screen on this website (title, author, link, license link)
Video: where appropriate
Our patreon, and twitch supporters and present moderators

Reading the FAQ I believe I am OK as this falls under the Live production category. I prefer to put things in credits so that they are embedded into the video, so they carry across when I export to YouTube, etc.
When clips or short videos are created I do my best to add the attribution licenses in the descriptions but Twitch unfortunately does not allow descriptions to be placed on clips.

I want to do right by you!
11. June 2020
God thank you that not all 10.000 visitors daily, using the free license, want to double check after reading the faq :)