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09. July 2020
Stupid suggestions from YouTube:

Seems they are not interested in fighting fraudulent companies that misuse the CID System.
09. July 2020
Got an answer from Haawk now:

Dear Sascha

Sorry for the slow reply. Please note that our support team typically replies to all queries within 72 hours on business days.

Both of these claims were automatically made via “melody match” which is a somewhat deficient (or shall I say, not perfect) feature of YouTube's Content ID system that attempts to locate “covers" of compositions (not sound recordings) that we, as well as various music publishers, either administer or own. Both of these claims were released on 7/8/2020.

Unfortunately, due to the contracts we have in place with our users and the confidentiality provisions therein, we are not able to give out the information of the composer of the composition that was inadvertently matched (and quickly thereafter released) to the two videos you presented. Rest assured though that we investigated the matter and found the user to be an established film and TV composer with numerous placement credits and the issue appears to stem from the lack of perfection of the “melody match” feature.

We wish you all the best and hope you will contact us here at should you ever encounter similar issues. We are here to help.

- Scott


My answer:


thanks for your answer... but we have over 10.000 daily users - will they all get a claim in future? This is a very popular song.

And what I really do not understand: Why is the song name of this composer the same as our composer Aleksei ( WinniTheMoog) - in the screenshot of our customers I can clearly see the name „Cinematic Emotional Inspiring“ that was claimed. So that is the name of the asset that is registered in the CID System. That does not sound like a false claim or melody mismatch. Any explanation for that? I know that every asset has a title and artist field, I used faktory and adrev for many years.

So you say, that it was bad luck that both composers even have the same song name and melody? That’s not possible.

I talked with Aleksei and he did never register his music at CID or haawk or any haawk services.

So I hope that this is not somebody who claims to be Alksei alias WinniTheMoog. If so, you should ban the account immediately.

Sascha Ende
09. July 2020
I found a track with the exact title from the claim that sounds "similar".....

As i can see the song titles are not exactly the same:

Claim: "Inspiring Cinematic Epic Orchestra"
WinniTheMoog: "Cinematic Emotional Inspiring"

Probably they are right and this is based on a failure of the bad content id system of youtube. And the other problem is that every second cinematic library song has the name "Inspiring Cinematic Orchestra" :D
09. July 2020
Yes, in the audio jungle - all the songs are called very similar.

It helps to sell at the start, and it's very disturbing later. Choose from a thousand of them.

Maybe Youtube is really wrong about the melody. But it's not clear why my track was the one that pointed out as a problem.

It would have pointed to another track like that.

We'll wait for what they say.

Thank you! UG (limited)
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