Exploring other options for My Fractals

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11. July 2020
I am testing a new process of adding effect to 3D Images.
Since it is new I am seeking a different route than usual.
You know those Sell Your Art Here places, Youtubedtoo?,
I really like this Place, and look a there you are testing
BETA! ooo So am I!
I have offered My Art for Sale, matter fact I have given it away.
This seems a good spot...to offer My Art Free, for now.
I will look into becoming a Pay In The Kitty patron, instead
of asking for treats...
Who knows...maybe You see what I am doing,
and would like to offer Me some good advice, friendship,
and I respect good critical critiques, than pasting a smiley face on My offerings..

...and So Much Talents here...
I hope osmosis works!
I sure enjoy al Your Hard WORK!

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