Thanks for all that you do!

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24. July 2020
I recently started posting a few YouTube videos for the forums at It's an obscure Internet forum about slings (as in David and Goliath slings). The artists here at help make my videos appear way better than they really should!

I don't have much of an audience for these videos but if there's something I can do to promote more, I'd be happy to try.

Here's an example video:

Please keep the music coming, and thanks for what you do!
24. July 2020
Thanks for the praise. This is what keeps this website alive.
01. August 2020
Nina from Norway here. I have made an YouTube account (+ website) for my cousins husband. We have been using your music in a new YouTube channel about Sport fishing. We often use "Funkorama" in the intro of posts on the Vlog. Funky and nice without disturbing peoples minds. We have made sure to credit you in the Outro of every video. Regards from Norway.

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