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27. September 2020
Hello Team of Filmmusical,
thank you for this really good archive of music❣️

I’m a teacher and I‘m preparing a videoclip ( imagefilm) for our school Homepage. Am I covered with the basic licence when I use your music? Can I use several tracks in this one Video?

I understand that I have to copy paste the Terms at the end of the clip. Anything more to keep in mind?

I don‘t warnt to make a mistake. Thank you very much, Eva
12. October 2020

This is already covered in the FAQs, but yes, you can use multiple pieces of music from this site in a single video, but you must place the attribution text for *each* piece of music used, somewhere in your video (traditionally at the end) or in the description field of your video (where it must be visible to viewers of the video).
You can find out more here: Section 2, Question 2.

If you can't (or don't want to) make the attribution visible, you must purchase an extended license for each item of music used.

Good Luck!

- I'm just a normal user of the site, volunteering to help answer some questions.
12. October 2020
@eoinjw Thanks for helping to answer the questions whose answers are already explained in the FAQ ;)