I want to post some ambience I created from scratch

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28. October 2020
Hey I was wondering if I could post some Ambience to this website I've been using this content so much in the past and I just want to give back to the community I can't really afford donating huge amounts of money but I would love to be able to give the the ambience or audio I work on I don't have the greatest experience but the quality is okay and I'm sure some people would be able to use it here's an example

If I'm not allowed to post out here just let me know and I'll remove the link and post if that's not allowed either just help direct me in the right direction
28. October 2020

you can apply for an artist account here:

But first of all, you should have some experience in music production. We only take artists with potential and an already existing portfolio.

Kind regards,
29. October 2020
Thank you for the information.