Breathtaking Historical Portraits Brought To Life Using AI Stuff

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13. December 2020
Thank you for your wonderful music!
► Background Groove by AlekSound
► Flying Angels by Sascha Ende
► Garten Eden by Sascha Ende
► Hades by Sascha Ende

15. December 2020
SUBBED! and it is a coincidence. This week I began using 3D Fractal Software I have been learning for 3 years MandelBulb 3D on Public Domain Paintings. I hesitate to say that The People who created Mandelbulb 3D fully realize what The Software can do. I can not write computer script, read it. I am not a Mathematician, nor an Artist...I just curious how would
people from the past react to modern technology, could they grasp it? If so how would they use it based on their limited
knowledge about the equipment? This is My Own ignorance Shines! I have used the Program MB3D on nothing but copies, of sometimes degraded images to render what they would look like as a fractal. Did that then started notice that it was repairing the image. (Now here is where I get into trouble with The Fractal Community) I had to go backwards in learning what I could about HIGHER MATH and Physics...just about all Science. I am High School Grad 1976 and Air Force.
I had to go back real far, I got to Mandlebrot...and kept going back to 1922. 40 years prior. To a Man called Lewis Fry Richardson. Him I could understand because He used poetry more than Mysterious Symbols of Math to explain really complex Math. (Mandelbrot actually used Richardsons work. I used it on The Sistine Chapel ceiling...ooOOO and on Cave paintings from 64,000 Years Ago in Spain...The Red Hands....aaaAAAAooooOO! Mandelbulb 3d traces the whole image with a high speed laser in 360 but only from a Digital Image, there is no machine doing that in My 6 year Old laptop...(I looked) When I say things like that to The Fractal Forums...My audience has gotten smaller...The Thing is I give them The Formulas, The images, and even Live Videos...because I kept saving as much as I could Like a Scientist would.
...but I questioned The VAUNTED CHAOS THEORY, and they said OH see you do not understand THE UNIVERSE or REAL SCIENCE! No Problem please show where that REAL SCIENCE is in these images I have given you? Been over a week when I gave them The first known 3D Image of The Mandlebrot Set... with Video! They been looking since 1966. I didnt even ask for any money or recognition. I do not have a DEGREE to offer as My Bona Fides....all I have is My Integrity.
I have a 6 year old laptop that barely renders unacceptable image of the quality needed to show what else is there.
I am working on a image of Kevin McCleod inside that rare 3D Mandelbrot Set, because He is The only Person in The World that has appreciated what I am trying to show people, He sent Me a nice e-mail "EPIC" ty Mr.McLeod!

If you would like to see The 3D MandelBrot Set gif it is here FREE I have never asked nor expected any reward for stumbling on something that has filled My life with such AWE!
Thank You and If you ever get interested in looking into this feel free to contact Me care of My Account iamai Here!

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