Does a public Playlist count as Proper Attribution

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16. July 2021

according to the FAQ, a link to the playlist with the songs i use in a Twitch livestream counts as proper attribution.
I just discovered the Public Playlist feature here on but couldn't find if it would be considered proper attribution to link to such a public playlist in the stream description (sorry if that should be obvious).
Something like this:
16. July 2021
If you are using many music on Twitch and linking to a public Playlist, you made - thats perfect. Thats perfect for the artists and perfect for users.

On this page every song has proper information.

See 2. here:

"If you don't want to add all of this to your profile page, you can put up a link as an overlay on the screen which goes to a page where you have all the information above.
You can also put the link on your profile page."

So in this case you used a placelist. I did not have this idea yet but i think this is a very good idea, because it is easy to use and perfect for users and artists.
16. July 2021
Using playlists for Twitch is a great idea. I think I will add this to the FAQ as a recommendation. UG (limited)
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