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03. August 2021
I'm an independent animation studio of one (I have a day job) and I'm currently working on a project in my free time between job anf family, creating a 2D animated sci-fi series as a one-man production with zero budget. Because of this, I'm always thankful for people offering their hard work for free, and I also intend to get extended licenses for any used music, if I ever get a distribution deal or get any other serious exposure that could create a proper income stream.

Right now I'm just self-publishing on Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand just to get it out there.

Amazon Prime Video (like many other online video publishers) don't allow you to put any kind of URL into credits, so when your license says attribution has to be exactly like e.g. this:

Satiate by Kevin MacLeod

I couldn't put it into my credits exactly like the above (no URLS).
Does this mean essentially that if I want to use music from this site in any of my episodes, I'd have to get an extended license? I'm happy to put in credits like this:

"Song Name"
by Firstname Lastname

But I just don't have the budget right now to get extended licenses for individual songs.
04. August 2021
This answer also applies to your question:
04. August 2021
If you don’t want to earn money, publish your movie on YouTube oder vimeo.

No need for amazon. UG (limited)
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