music by Kevin MacLeod for use in a radio show/podcast

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06. March 2020
Hi, there...

I produce a radio talk show that's also a podcast, Doing What Works. We'd like to use some of Kevin MacLeod's royalty-free music in the open and close of the show, and for transitions in and out of show segments.

We're happy to credit Kevin at the end of every program but aren't sure how to proceed. We could also link to his music on our web site.

Can you help? Or is it okay to get in touch with Kevin directly?

Thanks very much!

Darrell Anderson
North Shore Productions
06. March 2020
Without an extended license, the links to the license AND website are mandatory not obligatory!!!! So currently you are committing a violation of the terms of use.
06. March 2020
Put the info in your show notes.
08. May 2020
I'm pretty sure we're not in violation. One, we did not use the music until we had links posted for the clip. Two, once we did start using the music, listeners were directed to the website where all the links are easy to find and follow.
26. May 2020

My question then is, if I buy the CC extended license, can I use a song as many times as I want on my podcast, or even take that song to permanently open my podcast?

27. May 2020
The license is valid „lifetime“. Like mentioned in the price list.