v2.2 (artists/music)

  • 27.01.2023 - Final modifications to reprogramm the old artists-structure before the opening of the platform for new artists
  • 26.01.2023 - Modified algorithm for music popularity
  • 26.01.2023 - Artist verification, automated process
  • 25.01.2023 - I have reworked the outdated search in the background and equipped it with new search technology. When searching for keywords, you finally get better results now.

v2.1 (ui/usability)

  • 22.01.2023 - The menus have been revised and optimized for mobile access.
  • 21.01.2023 - WAV Downloads for extended license owners enabled
  • 18.01.2023 - If STRIPE activated: Free downloads now only have "preview" quality. Users only get "best" quality by buying an extended license. You will see the values before every download.
  • 18.01.2023 - I have redesigned the download windows
  • 18.01.2023 - [ARTISTS] Mass actions are now available
  • 18.01.2023 - [ARTISTS] The EDIT button is now visible everywhere on your own music tracks (search, your profile...)
  • 17.01.2023 - [ARTISTS] PREMIUM feature now available. Click to edit a song and then activate PREMIUM. Makes only sense with STRIPE activated.
  • 17.01.2023 - [ARTISTS] Drag & drop for uploads enabled

Planned features

  • Extended licenses: Paypal Integration - Payment via Paypal
  • Final migration tasks to finish public artist accounts
  • Activate artist accounts for public
  • Enable copyright infringement reporting
  • Artists should be able to assign versions of a song
  • Email to customers in case of failed payment and a notification to the seller
  • Send a reminder for unpaid orders
  • Invoicing Tool for artists