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A funky tune! Like it lot!

That's the secret in the creative process; keep pivoting. So often people get stuck in their own heads and try to push through something that needs to marinate. Just let it simmer for a bit and come back to it.

This is the same reason I write in multiple genres and bounce around styles. You never know when inspiration in one style will strike, and more importantly, when a writer's block will hit you with a style you're working on. So it was with the buddy cop stuff - however, June is looking good for this.

In the meantime, later this week we'll be feasting on the Symphony of Swords - a cross section of orchestral pieces sure to delight.

Enjoy! @timkuligfreemusic
Not bad information in my opinion. The opinion of all people must be taken into account. I sometimes even study, where people express their thoughts. I don't know why I'm so obsessed with it. But in my spare time, I enjoy it.
Thank you for this site
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Hey Peeps! New here. Looking for new ideas and inspiration for some intro/educational clips I'm putting together.
After much complaining about the constant noise from cars driving past, I moved my sound setup from the wall adjacent to the road to an interior corner where I can put many many layers of insulation between me and those accursed farting cars. A few heavy blankets hung from the ceiling to cover the other walls and I finally have a decent home made booth.
Koria bridge, Kouvola Finland 27.5.2023

The following music was used for this media project:
Music: Musings by Frank Schroeter
Free download:
License (CC BY 4.0):
Loved Fromage and Enjoy yourself, great tunes! please keep that beat up!
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This song is truly bad ass!
A budding independent game designer with a knack for eco games
Canada Goose Gosling
Music: Laughing Children [Full version] by MusicLFiles, which sets just the right tone for the video.
good work!
So this one time... in rumbleverse. I got Roasted by my teammate.
Привет ! я Саша !
New Video finally! Rumbleverse LETS GO!
Dude, Pop Will Eat Itself?! - Ich Bein Ein Auslander! Got introduced to those guys WAY back in the day. Don't think I've had anyone outside of the people I listened to them with give a shout out to this band - or Front 242, Machines of Loving Grace, Skinny Puppy :)
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His works are perfect for creating 3D animations, ranging from short advertisement videos of a few seconds to product introduction videos lasting over a minute. They possess a rich sense of rhythm, with music that has clear beats and fantastic drumming. He is an exceptionally talented music producer。:D
parent-child english.