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Heh heh ... I never knew you were a Tool fan, Alex - I can tell just by this breakdown section in the middle. This one sounds amazing :)
I am currently working on my Album "Cyberworld".
It will be a Mix of Synthwave, Ambient and Cyberpunk with partly brute Sounddesign!
Here is a Track to listen to :-)
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Hi Sascha, I have been using all OST's for my movies so I haven't had to worry with using licensing, youtube strikes etc. Now I am making a feature length film and my normal musicians are not available. I am making this feature length film with all content mostly from this site. I understand the process but I am curious about some of your comments about Youtube lately. Mainly because this movie is going straight to Youtube as the main platform for viewers after the premiere and initial screenings. How is one to know if Youtube will flag your video and hide audio by accident? Doesn't using only content from here mean that won't happen? Thanks-Charlie
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Music: Fresh Air by Kevin MacLeod
Hi all! I am just here looking for the holy grail: good film score comps that won't cost me a bajillion $$'s.
Thanks to Euan Ford for his fabulous piece, Open the Gates. It was perfect for my poem which is, in effect, a shamanic journey into the Celtic Shadowlands.
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we are amazing and proud we stand p to others who bully us.
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A wonderful piece of music. Beautiful.
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I turn a spare bedroom into a creative makerspace worthy of a modern gentleman, complete with 3D printers, a macro-photography light tent, and plenty of inspiration on the walls. Thank you to Kevin MacLeod for his "Werq" track featured in this short!
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Latest track
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Dear users,

I've decided to make a change to how music registered in YouTube's Content ID System is presented on From now on, tracks registered in this system will only be found if you explicitly search for them. Here's why:

Music under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) is meant to be freely used with proper attribution. When such music is registered with YouTube's Content ID, it often flags videos even if the creators have attributed correctly. This can lead to unexpected penalties, like demonetization or copyright strikes.

Additionally, CC BY 4.0 music in the YouTube Content ID System is actually not permitted. See here:

I believe in the integrity and promise of the CC BY 4.0 license. Therefore, by sidelining tracks in the Content ID system, I aim to protect you from any unforeseen issues and to ensure that you can trust the music you source from

Thank you for understanding and continuing to make amazing content with the music you find here.

Warm regards,
Sascha Ende

I extended the search options with some new filters:

Other changes:

- At the front page, new music now onlys show CC BY 4.0 music that is free.
- Same for the categories Genres, Topics, Moods and Charts
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I haven't yet finished my little short, need still some inspiration. But you will find it here , if it's done ;-) Think, it's a funny short in the end
Música espectacular, para batallas, luchas. etc
Gracias por esta melodia.
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Tirvanjärvi lake, Valkeala, Kouvola Finland 12.9.2023

Music: A Nice Dream by Frank Schroeter
Free download:
Licensed under CC BY 4.0: