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It's now exactly one year since I met Kevin MacLeod, we got along well and had the idea to establish a new website for Creative Commons music. A website that is easy to use and where you can find a good selection of music from artists who offer their music at least under the CC BY license.

In April 2019, after a first test phase and over 2 years of programming (all in our spare time), Filmmusic opened the gates for the whole world. Since April it has been a very difficult time: the rush has been much bigger than expected, which has been making new demands on the technology month after month. Now, after less than 8 months, Filmmusic already has almost 60,000 registered users and over 400GB of data transfer every day. It wasn't always easy to cover all costs through advertising revenue and sales, but we did it. First and foremost, this is possible because Filmmusic has no paid employees and everything takes place on a voluntary basis.

That's why I would like to take this opportunity to thank all buyers who support our great project financially with every extended license - because only the advertising income alone would not suffice. I would also like to thank all users who regularly recommend Filmmusic and link us.

If you don't need an extended license and just want to support the project directly, you can donate here.

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Sascha Ende

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  • 31.01.2020 - Future Forecasting Group LLC - 100 €
  • 24.01.2020 - Sandra van Anrooy - 25 €
  • 16.12.2019 - Jaiden Gerig - 10 €
  • 16.12.2019 - Jennifer Robertson - 10 €