Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Especially on a free platform like there are many questions and uncertainties. Hopefully our selection of the most frequently asked questions and answers will help you. If you still have a question, just send us an e-mail.

Offering a free music service in the form of comprehensive advice is one such thing - I'm sure you'll understand that I can't help you with such questions. Also it is always a matter of taste which music fits which film. offers many possibilities like an extensive search function, areas to browse, the charts - so you should also find what you are looking for without my advice.

Only registered users have the full range of search options. Only registered users can download music in WAV format. It is also very important for you that you get a document as proof for the GEMA or your customers with which you can easily prove that the music is gema-free - and only as a registered user you can create projects (also free of charge, like everything here). Especially because of the so-called GEMA presumption, you are always obliged to prove that the music is gemafrei. If you can't do that, it will be very expensive - especially if the music is shown in films at trade fairs.

These few minutes for a registration should be worth all that to you :)

Because the founder, Sascha Ende, has decided to offer his music free of charge under appropriate conditions of use. In addition to Sascha's music you will also find selected music from other artists who offer their music under free licenses.

Yes, that is indeed the case. You are welcome to donate if you have a bad conscience! :)

As a registered user, you receive an automatically generated release document (free of charge) for each project. This is completely sufficient for GEMA or other collecting societies.

No, the music of is not registered on Youtube, there are no copyright notices or so-called claims. If you do get one, it was once again one of the "misrecognitions" - you are welcome to file an objection with Youtube with a link to the song on

We do not employ a law firm, so you will not receive any mail from us. The release document for each project also serves as long-term proof that you have legally used the music for your project. So should anyone ever ask, you always have a guarantee.

It is mandatory to mention the author and the website. This obligation does not apply to projects which can be created by registered users (also free of charge).

You can do this in the video or in the video description below the video, that is up to you. For projects which can be created by registered users, the copyright obligation does not apply.

Create customers who will use your music - including yourself
Search for music or use the full-text search if you are looking for a specific song
Add the music to your shopping cart using the shopping cart icon
When you have all the songs for a new project together, click on the shopping cart and fill out the form to complete your project: Select the licensees (i.e. users) and enter a project description.
You can find your project under "My Projects", where you can download a release document for each licensee. Release documents are not unimportant if, for example, the GEMA asks for them. They also confirm that you have legally purchased the music.