What is Filmmusic.io?

Filmmusic.io is a portal founded by Sascha Ende and, although it may seem otherwise due to its professionalism, a purely private website. Filmmusic.io is completely free of charge for all users - with the purpose of offering free music to non-profit organizations and young filmmakers in particular. In principle, however, companies or tradespeople can also use the music free of charge. Sascha end is full-time programmer with an Internet agency in Hanover and operates the platform Filmmusic.io as pure hobby.

Sascha's role models are Hans Zimmer, Schiller or Chicane - but in general he loves film music. On Filmmusic.io you can also find music by other artists: These are either friends or other artists that Sascha likes and whose music is also freely usable.

Filmmusic.io is also a great playground for Sascha as a programmer, because everything here is self-programmed.

I am an idealist. Filmmusic.io is not for sale, not even parts of it!

History: Why free of charge?

Many years ago I applied with my music to various music agencies and record companies and received cancellations everywhere: The reason was mostly "you're not known enough" or "first get clear what you want" or "unfortunately we already have enough film music". GEMA wasn't a solution for me for various reasons - especially as a newcomer you pay more than you earn anything.

I got a promise from small record companies (juhu, ähem), but in principle I was "cheated" by everyone I got to know: Many promises, no money (never!), fraud.... all those I had to deal with were frivolous.

Since music has always been a hobby for me from the very beginning, I quickly realized what I wanted: to bring my music to the people and show the "big ones" that I don't care about them and that I can do it on my own.

Meanwhile I think (I'm sure) that some people regret having rejected me back then - but hey, now you have to live with that :)

In the course of time I have connected with many worldwide known "Free Musicians" and together we make sure that there is enough good and free music.

Since music is just a hobby for me and many others, we can afford to do what we do: Make music, have fun, make nice contacts and live - and let live. Many bands pay to play in pubs, many musicians would give anything just to play at a big concert, many bands even pay to play at concerts - so why the hell shouldn't I offer my music for free? Every second person in Germany works on a voluntary basis, so why shouldn't I do music on a voluntary basis? I am happy when I listen to my music in a great film or when I can help non-profit organizations and young filmmakers with their work.

So have fun with my music and the music of my friends.