FAQ - Around your account: Can I delete my account myself at any time?

We don't like data garbage either, so it would be nice if you delete your account when you don't need it anymore. After all, you created the account yourself, for whatever reason, and even confirmed it in an email - so you should also be able to delete it on your own.
Or do you also leave your garbage lying around everywhere on the street? No? Then it's time to clean up your digital trash, too :)
Yes, it's really easy and uncomplicated by logging into your account, clicking on "My data" on your dashboard, scrolling down and then clicking on "I want to delete my account". Then simply follow the instructions.

Delete your account here (you have to login first): https://filmmusic.io/user/delete_account

You see, deleting the account was not that difficult. And unlike the registration, this time you didn't even have to think of a username like "sexybunny42" :)