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Free music promotion: Do it yourself!

You hate Soundcloud because there are only bots and no clicks and you have to pay for it? You just don't get any followers on Youtube? Record companies ignore you or send you rejections? Then take it into your own hands.

This is a website from a musician for musicians. Don't pay for uploading your music! You are an artist and want to promote your music for free? Unlike other platforms, you don't pay anything here. Get free promotion through the well known CC BY 4.0 license. Learn more about how to find and use the right space for your music here at Unlimited uploads, an artist profile, promotion tools for your Youtube, Facebook, online stores or much more. You will get more clicks here than on any other platform, where you will be lost among 100,000 other artists.

And why free of charge? Simple: Because this website is a spare time project of Sascha Ende, a musician and programmer, with the same experiences as you and is financed by advertising and donations.

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Upload your music for the world and get free attention

Elsewhere you have to pay to upload your music, here it's the other way around: it's all free and unlimited. Upload as many of your music tracks as you want. Music is easily uploaded in MP3 format - choose the best quality you have. It is important that you own all copyrights and do not upload cover versions, for example. You should also not be a member of a collecting society such as the German GEMA. The music is offered for free download to other users under the CC BY 4.0 license. You benefit from the fact that the author must be named - so your name and your Internet address will soon be found everywhere on the Internet. Considering how much money music promotion costs, it's actually a good investment to make your tracks available this way. And that doesn't mean you can't publish them yourself on online stores like Spotify, Amazon, google Music or others: The music is not exclusive, which means you can do whatever you want with it. You see, in principle it has only advantages.

Manage your artist profile

Keep your artist profile up to date, which can also be accessed from the artist section. You can leave social media links, a description text and especially your photo there. Choose your artist name and determine the address yourself, under which your profile should be accessible later.

Manage your music like a PRO

In the music manager you can view all your uploaded tracks and edit them at any time. If you have uploaded a lot of music, you can quickly find the right song using the integrated full-text search. For each song you have the possibility to upload your own individual cover image - otherwise your artist profile image will be used automatically. You can tag each piece of music with genres, themes and moods - so you will be found more easily by interested users. If you produced the song together with someone else, there are also input fields for "Featuring". You can also enter an ISRC number: This indicates that this piece of music is also available for listening and downloading in the usual online stores.

Promote your music for free

The download promotion is displayed to a user before each download - that's your place. You can configure a download promotion for all your music or customize it for each song. Do you want to point to a purchase link where you can get an extended license for your song? No problem. Do you want to tell people to subscribe to your Facebook profile? Also no problem. The possibilities are as diverse as they are individual.

Downloads and clicks: Real time statistics

Track the success of your music promotion with real-time statistics: always be informed about clicks and downloads over time. With enough clicks you might even make it into's download charts? Most of them have already made it several times. The newest tracks are always advertised on the start page, so that the first clicks are already guaranteed after a few minutes :)

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To create an artist account you must be registered and logged in.