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Aug/04 Mad Dog Studio

Guys, you are doing a great job! I use some of the music for personal videos. I hope more people will donate to your great efforts and music!

50.00 €
Aug/06 White Raven Studios

We are so thankful for this website! Thank you for all that you do.

20.00 €
Aug/04 Anonymous 20.00 €
Jul/25 Trafojer Andreas 20.00 €
Aug/06 Anonymous 15.00 €
Aug/05 Danivek


10.00 €
Aug/05 jflgray

Much thanks for your varied musical scores. Used for family videos.

10.00 €
Aug/03 Mr Chris Hislop 10.00 €
Jul/19 Jonas Schupp 10.00 €
Aug/09 Stabitha Cru'ktfinger

Thank you for this! You're gonna make my baby podcast sound awesome. The Goblin Fabulist, if you're interested, working on E1 now :)

5.00 €
Aug/03 Pixel Dev 4.00 €

Free Blues music

You know what, I honestly don't know what I was thinking here. This is one of those "throw things at the wall and see if it works" kinds of pieces....
28288      1158    87    03:21
Good old fashioned pickin and stompin!
85503      3500    195    04:57
Johnny only needs two fingers to rock that bass line. Johnny loves the blues.
63930      2376    160    03:12
Very laid-back piece that may be indicative of a loss, or possibly carelessness.
16583      546    53    03:41
Just a simple funk/rock piece for looping anonymously in the background of things. Organ seems a bit nasal. hmm...<BR>
30125      891    79    01:20
Wesley Willis inspired rock music. A minor.
23280      724    53    02:19
Mid-tempo rockin' blues tune from the fictional band Glory Nugget. Can they play? Absolutely not. It is awesome? Absolutely.<BR><BR>
23899      611    45    00:55
There are NO FARTS in this version. If you're looking for farts, you want the "Scented" version. Just your average, repeated, beautiful slow waltz with some chill EP and electric...
58815      809    56    05:00