"Cinematic music" is a term that refers to music written specifically for film or other visual media. It encompasses a wide range of styles, including orchestral, electronic, and experimental music, and is designed to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Cinematic music can be used for a variety of purposes in a film, such as setting the mood, creating tension, and highlighting important moments. It often incorporates elements of classical, popular and ethnic music. The music is composed to match the pace of the scene and support the overall narrative of the film.

Cinematic music can also refer to music which is inspired by the sound and feel of film scores and soundtracks, even if it is not written specifically for a film. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as in video games, television shows, and advertising. It is widely used to create an emotional and immersive experience that can be used to tell a story and create a feeling of a different world.

Free Cinematic music

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Piano, pan drum, percussion, electronics, synths, synth guitar, sound design An interesting time in the US, no? I've heard some people recently say "I'm so glad 2020 is behind us". Hmm, careful what you wish for me thinks.. I wrote this while the US capital was under siege on 1/6/21....
2k      38    6    03:23
electronics, effected guitars, drums, bass, ambient sounds, sound design. A troubling year, this. Locked inside, crazy stuff going on outside, unprecedented events. Palpable fear in the streets of Chicago this last summer. Paranoia. Constant political fighting and unrest. Who are my neighbors? They dont look at me or say hello...
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Superfuture techno cities, 1 million synthetic saxophones, sentient Helmholtz resonators, sub-harmonic hurdy-gurdy's, tympanic, existatic thunder drums, whirl-a-gig guitars... Synths, synthesizers, electronic keyboards, synthetic sounds. Nord Lead, Waldorf Q, Moog Matriarch, Nord 3p drum, found sound. Mellow, grooving, synthesizers, retro, dark, subversive, atmospheric, cinematic, haunting, moving, cool, intense, rhythmic, cool, techno,...
2k      45    18    01:30
Quirky, cartoon, fantasy tune. Percussion, dulcimer, electronics, brass
644      12    3    02:41
VERSION WITHOUT MILITARY RADIO VOICES. Contains samples from Even in the vast future, humanity will get into various amounts of armed conflicts, and with the rising technologies the dangerous of such conflicts will only rise and rise.. Sounds very tacticool, my first time really using any kind of samples!...
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Vibes, piano, percussion, fast Getaway, suspense, action
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Most airliners today are powered by jet engines, because they are capable of safely operating at high speeds and generate sufficient thrust to power large-capacity aircraft. Welcome aboard. The purpose of my work is to showcase my unconventional style of original Music.
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An ambient cinematic piece,evoking the atmosphere of an evening forest.Ideal for;meditation,yoga,relaxation etc.
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Anger management...