Contemporary music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and sounds, often described as current or modern, and is opposite of classical music. It can include genres such as pop, rock, electronic, experimental, and avant-garde. Pop is characterized by catchy melodies and simple harmonies, rock by heavy electric instruments, electronic by use of technology and looping, and experimental by use of unconventional techniques and sounds. Contemporary music is used in popular media, entertainment industry, advertising, live performances, and for personal enjoyment.

Free Contemporary music

9k      624    97    02:19
Epic pirate music! Am I satisfied with the piece? Absolutely. Am I satisfied with the title of the piece? Hell. Yes.
10k      662    119    02:45
Horror piece perfect for your Halloween content!
3k      209    49    02:30
848      57    5    03:08
I figured some of these as straight up corporate video-inspired. This one is like panning across a bunch of products, then seeing a montage of warehouse floor production stages, creating the, well, whatever they're making. :). It has movement, and that's important for innovation, for production, and for logistics!
546      36    9    02:21
Sometimes the simplest piano line can convey so much meaning...
817      53    19    02:48
Dangerous and exciting, Anticipations is one of those tunes that doesn't do a lot but does everything you need. It's a semi-ambient, tiptoeing anxiety fest that has you on the edge of your seat waiting for the action to begin!
27k      2k    313    00:24
8k      548    91    01:54
When your epic story comes towards the end, you’re bound to have this intense action scene right before things start to look good again. This is probably when your bad guy dies. This music works well with that.
6k      406    76    01:13
Brief instrumental music composition made for orchestra and strings. The base of this composition is a dialog between cello, violin and bass stacattos setting a rhythm that represents the movement of time and clock. The mood is quite active and optimistic. the main instruments are cellos, basses, violins and other...
26k      2k    244    01:48
Piano piece perfect for commercials or other corporate content. Few changes throughout the song, and a maintaining melody. Cinematic elements added after a while, but all piece with little diversity.
610      40    6    03:50
Ah, Only Teeth Remain - feelings of a struggle and battle and pain and - maybe not so much triumph? Hard to say. In some battles, only teeth remain...
3k      177    41    02:10
17k      1k    116    03:39
Slightly out of pitch, some notes struggle to hit the bar. As if performed by a secondary school band! It’s certainly beautiful, because the drummer is on time, and the pianist is decent. It’s always the guitarist that ruins the whole thing… Those darn guitarists trying to steal the show.
14k      927    161    05:12
Improvised melodic piano piece. It’s written to make you think. Since it’s improvised there almost no structure in the song, but it shouldn’t steal too much attention for whatever you’re using it for. It’s not advanced at all, as my piano skills aren’t that good, but the melody is definitely...
14k      881    109    05:41
Here, the title really says it all. Perfect for romantic content, or simply cheezy content. Where this piece is played, the air is getting moist.