Contemporary music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and sounds, often described as current or modern, and is opposite of classical music. It can include genres such as pop, rock, electronic, experimental, and avant-garde. Pop is characterized by catchy melodies and simple harmonies, rock by heavy electric instruments, electronic by use of technology and looping, and experimental by use of unconventional techniques and sounds. Contemporary music is used in popular media, entertainment industry, advertising, live performances, and for personal enjoyment.

Free Contemporary music

6k      338    56    01:47
Sad and emotional piece. Starts of with a piano, then a cello is added. Ends with a touch of hope when the percussion comes in.
1k      61    16    04:28
27k      2k    194    02:32
Even the piece itself is hilarious. Add it to comedy content and you’re good to go. I can’t really explain the title. It’s just as stupid as the song.
14k      819    203    01:13
If you want a real kickoff for your game/film/show. A very heroic piece with so much epic that it will immediately drag your audience into the dimension of epicness.
1k      65    11    03:50
Building orchestral piece inspired by action films and modern scoring - enjoy!
8k      478    63    02:47
Apparently Americans calls us Scandinavian's “Scando’s”. I’m not sure if it’s an insult or not. Anyways, this piece is a very “me-typical” piano piece with drums and piano. Lots of chord progressions I consider Scandinavian. I don’t really know why.
3k      152    32    03:13
Spherical background music with a light touch of retro.
6k      376    45    00:33
A self-composed christmas melody! Works great as a kickoff to a christmas-scene or similar. Also possible adding melody upon.
7k      412    96    03:22
Magical, mysterious piece perfect for magical and mysterious content!
7k      386    65    02:42
Improvised piano piece that should make you think. You can do so much with just a piano. It’s a fantastic instrument. I think this counts as a sad piano piece.
7k      413    73    04:35
Improvised depressive piano piece with a hint of hope. No structure as the whole thing is recorded in one go, but it definitely matches content where the music should enhance a feeling without stealing the show completely.
6k      316    50    04:56
Melodies, harmonies and rhythms packed together in an emotional explosion.
7k      385    77    01:45
As the name suggests. This is the rise of an Empire. A perfect piece for the homebase of your enemies. However - it has a touch of silly. I guess all German/Russian inspired music does. Oh no he didn’t.
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925      52    18    01:54