Contemporary music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and sounds, often described as current or modern, and is opposite of classical music. It can include genres such as pop, rock, electronic, experimental, and avant-garde. Pop is characterized by catchy melodies and simple harmonies, rock by heavy electric instruments, electronic by use of technology and looping, and experimental by use of unconventional techniques and sounds. Contemporary music is used in popular media, entertainment industry, advertising, live performances, and for personal enjoyment.

Free Contemporary music

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Comedic and playful, this rag-time ditty has a strong melody, and is heavy in the bass chords. The second minute features flighty finger-work, as if an energetic bee is flying up and down the scales. The last thirty seconds is a refrain of the introduction, and the piece ends with...
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Vibrant strings set to a moving beat. Elegant and charming, always changing.
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Let's be fair, if your interview segment was already energetic, you don't need something like this to fix it. Most people suck at interviews. It isn't their fault. Talking in an entertaining way is really, really, really hard. That's why this piece exists. Rising Tide is designed to make anyone...
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There's always someone who is uncomfortably excited. This is for all you border collies hopped up on Adderall. This music is dangerously energetic and may cause paranoia, anxiety, and/or hallucinations. Not the fun kind of hallucinations, either. These are the kind of hallucinations where ponies with 8 spider-like legs are...
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Okay, not quite a synth, not quite and organ - that thing is a mellotron. And it is cool. Interesting baroque changes in the B section. General Space-age cocktail party awesomeness for the entire piece.<BR>
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Half cinematic, half electronic relaxing/suspenseful game music! Perfect for your 2D platformer.
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Do you have enough 1990's space music in your collection? Probably not. If you're unclear what 1990s pace music is, just take a listen. A slightly different mix is also available at a faster tempo.
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This is about as fast as you can reasonably push such a piece. Smooth and warm.
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Electro-acoustic rendering of the famous American folk song.<BR>
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Well, this is interesting... Smooth sine bass contrasted with a lovely excited drum machine and then... the magic! Genre bending magic! You're a cool kid right? This is for you. You're welcome. Think 'trap' meets 'R&B' meets 'shoegaze' meets some other genre that is SO COOL there isn't even a...
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Song made exclusive for my Spotify account. But releasing it here as well. Not the typical background music, but parts of it would work for some epic imagery.
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