Contemporary music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and sounds, often described as current or modern, and is opposite of classical music. It can include genres such as pop, rock, electronic, experimental, and avant-garde. Pop is characterized by catchy melodies and simple harmonies, rock by heavy electric instruments, electronic by use of technology and looping, and experimental by use of unconventional techniques and sounds. Contemporary music is used in popular media, entertainment industry, advertising, live performances, and for personal enjoyment.

Free Contemporary music

3k      185    20    02:49
Improvised piano piece with melodies and harmonies mixed into an orchestral setting. Although piano is the main instruments, the orchestra fill in the gaps to make this an interesting piece. It works perfect with sad or emotional parts (with a touch of hope) in both games and videos.
5k      266    33    01:55
Epic piece that goes into a rampage about half in. Stays epic, cinematic and very dramatic throughout the entire piece.
7k      421    34    02:07
This is not really a farm song. I don't even know what a farm song is. The only thing in this song that gives me the "farm-feeling" is the fiddle. Fiddles are awesome.
11k      595    86    03:11
A corporate track originally. Perfect for corporate videos, commercials, timelapse and other content that needs some really positive electronic music.
4k      247    34    01:26
A short, but powerful dramatic interlude. Starts of with a cello, then a piano is added. Then more cinematic instruments are added. Stays suspenseful throughout the entire song.
14k      786    168    16:09
If you have played games like “Skyrim” or similar open world games, this is the music you want for the cold, wet wilderness. This is a 16+ minute piece (huge file), that’s easy to loop, and really effective to set the appropriate mood. Also works great for falling asleep, meditation,...
7k      404    60    04:54
An epic piano recreation of one of my most popular pieces “Traveler”. This surely is epic. You could (theoretically) do anything, and no matter how lame it is, it would seem like the most epic action in history.A very melodic piece, where lots of things happen all the time. Accompanied...
7k      407    59    02:10
Desert theme with Middle Eastern/North African elements, and lots of epicness. Perfect for those maps/scenes in your game/film that takes place somewhere sandy.
4k      248    32    01:28
The perfect finale for your epic story. Your hero is victorious! May they live happily ever after.
5k      252    45    03:57
Man I love epic pirate music. I’m pretty sure this was my first go at it, but I’m still very happy with this piece. If your content involves pirates and something epic - go for this!
4k      234    35    02:19
Perfect for your fighting sequence. Lots of action and suspense. This was written for a game that takes place in the air (hence the picture), and I mean that this piece is perfect for that, as the snare really simulates the “foopfoop” sound of the rotor. Works well in other...
7k      368    44    04:20
This piece never settles down. It's jumping back and forth between these epic piano parts without really finishing them. Hence the name "Fractions". These parts are different enough to keep the listener interested, while yet not different enough to create conflict in your visual content.
3k      165    11    05:08
A "Dire Straits"-kinda inspired piece. Melodic rock n roll, with catchy drums and a soothing guitar.This piece is perfect for “thinking-scenes”, where you want your audience to reflect over the situation.
12k      650    157    00:54
When there’s a spider crawling amongst the orchestra.
3k      176    26    02:41
The best of two worlds! A melodic atmospheric rock part and some heavier stuff towards the end.