Experimental music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and techniques that depart from traditional or mainstream forms. This can include unconventional elements such as unconventional instruments, non-standard structures, and chance-based or improvisational methods of composition. The goal of experimental music is often to push the boundaries of what is considered "music" and to explore new sounds and forms. It can be found in many different genres, including avant-garde, electronic, and noise music.

One of the key characteristics of experimental music is its focus on experimentation and exploration. This can mean using unconventional instruments, such as found objects, or incorporating elements of other art forms, such as spoken word or visual art. It can also mean using unconventional methods of composition, such as chance operations or improvisation, to create new and unique sounds and structures.

Experimental music has a long history, dating back to the early 20th century with composers such as John Cage, who was known for his use of chance operations in composition, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, who was a pioneer in electronic and tape music. In the 1960s and 1970s, the avant-garde movement became popular, with artists such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich pushing the boundaries of what was considered "music".

In more recent years, the rise of electronic and digital technology has led to the development of new forms of experimental music, such as ambient, glitch, and IDM. These genres often incorporate elements of electronic music, such as synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, to create unique and otherworldly sounds.

Overall, experimental music is a genre that is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, with new and exciting developments happening all the time. It is a genre that is not limited to any particular style or instrument, and it encourages creative expression and exploration.

Free Experimental music

4k      202    29    04:22
Cinematic piece with lots of diversity. Very mysterious at times, and filled with flowing strings and harmony. Changes an awful amount of times, and the ending is just completely different. Parts can be cut out if you want single parts only.
701      37    2    01:57
Chillout, background track. For advertising or drone shots maybe?
5k      255    36    04:29
Celtic fantasy piece with so much melody it’s hard to comprehend. You could put this on top of footage of grass growing, and it would still make it epic.
4k      216    24    03:49
This is a very relaxing and chill electronic/piano piece with a hint of optimism. It's very emotional, but I can't really tell if it's sad or uplifting. You decide!
5k      245    48    02:44
A simple dark medieval/viking piece. Great for ambiance! Still a few beautiful melodic lines that will engage your audience. It’s full of suspense and tension. I picture this playing right before a character dies.
331      17    4    00:10
Powerful and energy-charged rock intro. Perfect for logo reveals, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials, slideshows, business videos, science and technology projects, startup videos, app promos, marketing videos, advertising jingle, radio jingle, news, web TV...
5k      254    23    04:30
From the album “Fjörður”. A celtic-inspired piece, with lots of melody and diversity. This is perfect background music for most things. Melodic fantasy music like this has a very soothing effect on people. Very effective to engage your audience. No person in the world hates this kind of music.
4k      210    32    02:37
You know when walking through a medieval marked? Of course you don’t, no one alive does.But I still feel like this piece represents it. It’s filthy and full of noise, but still people are having a good time. Works perfect in a medieval "happy" setting! It's written to create a...
1k      69    6    00:16
Powerful and bright intro in the Trap style, with big dynamics of bass and drums. For projects with great energy! Great for the intro, the start of a video, beginning, outro, wrap up, extreme sports, motorsports, action, trailers, showreels, cars, speed, bikes, boats, cross, motocross, snowboard, x-games, fight, cage fight,...
780      40    9    31:00
I wrote these to help a friend sleep. Less musical more experimental, you need to listen with headphones to get the delta wave effect and (supposedly) get you into better brain patters to sleep well. I'm going to play with versions that are more artistic in the future, but this...
6k      322    48    01:23
Mighty and bright sound of synths with a hard beat. Full of energy and drive , it will bright up any sport activities or competitions. Strong dynamic vibes would be the 100% hit beat for commercials, backgrounds, games, action movies or video.
6k      289    50    04:48
A very melodic celtic fantasy piece. Not too much diversity, but a rising curve of pure epicness. Truly beautiful once the percussion comes in. Perfect for epic films or games.
5k      267    32    01:09
Uplifting and motivational corporate track with an upbeat and energetic feel. The instruments build as the song progresses, finishing with an inspirational ending. This song is perfect for promotional videos, commercials, advertisements, movie trailers, film scores, TV ads, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, and much more! Instruments: drums, strings, bass, synth,...
622      31    10    01:11
Fun and positive music in a retro style. Ideal for gaming projects or videos where you want to convey the atmosphere of the 80s. Great for futuristic videos, documentaries, high-tech projects, adventures, children's games where you need to run and collect bonuses. It can also be used for presentations, trailers,...
3k      128    13    00:31
A short piece to accompany your futuristic setting! Originally written for a 2D platform game. Very easy to loop!