Experimental music is a genre that encompasses a wide range of styles and techniques that depart from traditional or mainstream forms. This can include unconventional elements such as unconventional instruments, non-standard structures, and chance-based or improvisational methods of composition. The goal of experimental music is often to push the boundaries of what is considered "music" and to explore new sounds and forms. It can be found in many different genres, including avant-garde, electronic, and noise music.

One of the key characteristics of experimental music is its focus on experimentation and exploration. This can mean using unconventional instruments, such as found objects, or incorporating elements of other art forms, such as spoken word or visual art. It can also mean using unconventional methods of composition, such as chance operations or improvisation, to create new and unique sounds and structures.

Experimental music has a long history, dating back to the early 20th century with composers such as John Cage, who was known for his use of chance operations in composition, and Karlheinz Stockhausen, who was a pioneer in electronic and tape music. In the 1960s and 1970s, the avant-garde movement became popular, with artists such as La Monte Young, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich pushing the boundaries of what was considered "music".

In more recent years, the rise of electronic and digital technology has led to the development of new forms of experimental music, such as ambient, glitch, and IDM. These genres often incorporate elements of electronic music, such as synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines, to create unique and otherworldly sounds.

Overall, experimental music is a genre that is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, with new and exciting developments happening all the time. It is a genre that is not limited to any particular style or instrument, and it encourages creative expression and exploration.

Free Experimental music

19k      406    34    02:56
Urban-sounding tight piece suitable for rap or stand-alone. Some giant hits, and a cool B section in here. Mix consultant: Bryan Teoh.<BR>
1k      28    5    00:59
Turn off this devil machine!
279      3    0    01:49
Let us now examine Hans Ruedi Giger. A Swiss artist best known for his airbrushed images that blended human physiques with machines, an art style known as "biomechanical".
206      2    2    02:17
In the 1950's, when I was a kid, my mom would drop me off at the movie theatre to get rid of me for a few hours. I would come home terrified, but loved sci-fi so much I'd be back again next week. The purpose of my work is to...
2k      35    7    02:34
A funky electronic track.Slightly menacing,but still quite chilled.
389      4    1    01:55
Under the pseudonym Mœbius, created a wide range of science-fiction and fantasy comics in a highly imaginative, surreal, almost abstract style.
27k      563    63    03:13
Player One Up! Ready! Go! Health 100%. Weasel Gun Equipped. This is sort of how I imagined 80s electronic music people tried to copy the distorted guitars of the day, but with 8bit sound sources. It doesn't sound like guitars at all, but it does sound like people trying to...
199      2    1    01:46
Old Hippies Never Change...Ultra slow Mezcaline trip.
16k      331    33    05:23
Welcome to the tropical paradise of Port Horizon. Not much to do here but listen to the short wave radios and play guitar. There is also food and drinks with those little umbrellas... Other than that - not much. Except snorkeling. Snorkeling is pretty cool. Oh, there is also Art...
14k      294    24    02:29
An electronica piece with lots of beeps intermittently throughout. Starts slowly, intensifies after 46 seconds. Strong bass beats in the background after 46 seconds.
508      5    3    02:14
..."I Made Him a Song He Couldn't Refuse...
97      1    0    01:39
celestial piano plays over heavy trap drums . Like the nutcracker but grittier.
924      18    9    01:30
1k      29    4    03:26
Dynamic female vocals, indie dream-pop mood.
25k      491    36    01:30
An intentionally poorly-executed organ interlude with drum machine.