"FX/Sounds music" is a term that refers to a unique and experimental genre of music that combines elements of sound effects, special audio techniques, and traditional music composition. This type of music often uses electronic sound manipulation, field recordings, and other unconventional sound sources, in addition to traditional instruments, to create an immersive and captivating audio experience.

In this genre, sound effects and special audio techniques are not just used as an accompaniment to the music, but they are also used to create the music itself. The result is a sonic landscape that is both musical and atmospheric. It is often used in film, television, video games, and other media to create an immersive audio experience and set a particular mood or atmosphere.

The genre is known for its experimental nature, and it often blurs the boundaries between music and sound design. It can be challenging to classify, as it can incorporate elements of ambient music, experimental music, industrial music, and other genres. The music produced by this genre can be highly evocative and can transport the listener to different worlds, times, and emotions.

In short, FX/Sounds music is a genre that combines different sounds, effects and music to create unique and captivating audio experiences, often used in media to set a particular mood.

Free FX/Sounds music

114      7    2    04:14
Generally speaking, night sounds are pretty calming. This piece has a bunch of crickets and creaky critters in the background. An airy patch in the background started sounding like very, very distant traffic on a highway, almost undetectable. So I'm going with it :)
417      26    6    04:42
A moderate sounding, babbling brook with very little variance, other than some increased intensity of water flows at midpoint and towards the end, sonically suggesting a more active part of the water flow.
348      21    5    04:28
A nicely balanced thunderstorm patch, with rolling thunder strikes approaching & off in the distance. Some rain, but minimal.
9k      530    98    00:18
Cinematic trailer music with a powerful beat for epic projects, dramatic action movies or adventure videos, logo reveal for trailer projects, film promotional videos or a cinematic opener. Instruments: Drums, percussion, bass, synth, fx.
2k      140    36    03:06
10k      483    89    00:20
3k      148    36    02:30
10k      515    57    03:12
The perfect background music for reporting dramatic news. Get all 3 single stems with the extended license.
473      27    7    04:30
Howling, howling winds with quicker shots of wind building up throughout. Some sub-leaning, deep winds crawling around here and there as well. Lots of variation as the piece goes on - building to a busier storm!
5k      270    66    00:13
Big and dynamic sound! Great logo to start a big video! Perfect for action trailer, intro, video, movie, teaser, fps, sport, rhythmic, dynamic background, opener, typography, motivating commercial, podcast intro, etc. Instruments: Drums, synth, piano, fx.
426      24    8    04:32
This piece reminds me of summer nights when a far distant storm is doing its thing and you anticipate the suppressed thunder from the flashes in your darkened bedroom. Calming and peaceful distant chaos, good piece to lay in the background of late-night scene to make it a bid foreboding.
536      30    7    00:09
Bright and dynamic music intro created especially for sports themes. Perfect for news opening, news logo, podcast, breaking news, YouTube show, evening news, business news, financial news, 24 news, news reports, trailer, primetime news, radio news, broadcasting logo, corporate news, opener and many more! Instruments: Drums, Strings, synth, vocal samples,...
6k      346    48    00:05
Simple and minimal logo great for logo reveals, opener, intro, broadcast, advertisements, websites, YouTube channels, Vimeo channels, vlogs, daily vlogs, corporate presentations, corporate videos, infographic videos, explainer videos, tutorials, slideshows, business videos, science and technology projects, startup videos, app promos, marketing videos, advertising jingle, radio jingle, news, web TV and...
12k      682    118    04:35
Perfect for your game, show, gameshow, movie, animation or podcast! Ambient sci-fi/space music that can be looped for infinity. Very mysterious and few changes.
7k      371    53    01:51
Plain and simple. This piece fits plenty! Easy to loop. Starts of with a creepy organ. Moves to a more orchestral setting. Creepy from beginning to end. Abrupt ending for looping possibilities