Metal music is a genre of rock music that has its roots in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It typically features heavy, distorted guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and complex rhythms and structures. It is known for its aggressive and powerful sound, and is often associated with themes of rebellion and anti-establishment. Metal music is characterized by its loud volume, fast tempo, and powerful drumming. It also has a wide range of sub-genres, each with its own unique characteristics. Some of the most popular sub-genres of metal include thrash metal, death metal, and black metal.

Thrash metal is known for its fast-paced, aggressive sound and often features lyrics that deal with social and political issues. Death metal, on the other hand, is known for its extreme brutality and often features lyrics that deal with death, violence, and the occult. Black metal is a subgenre of heavy metal that is known for its dark and evil sounding music, often featuring lyrics about satanic and anti-Christian themes.

Metal has a wide and diverse fan base, and it is one of the most popular and enduring forms of rock music. It has a rich history, with many iconic bands and musicians influencing its development. Some of the most influential metal bands include Black Sabbath, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Megadeth, and Judas Priest. Metal music continues to evolve and change with the times, with new bands and sub-genres emerging all the time, making it a constantly evolving and exciting genre of music.

Free Metal music

651      23    7    05:00
Cinematic metal piece with a lot of dynamics and melody.
5k      166    27    03:22
Melodic fantasy piece with a metal kicker at the end! Extended license purchase includes the musical file in mp3, wav and flac + artwork and a license to use for whatever, whenever, forever!
4k      153    16    04:39
If the Devil had hymns, right? Just a pure piece of heartpounding melodic metal with so much banging and epicness any metal fan will have a good time. If you’re not a metal fan, you’re missing out.
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A very melodic, punchy and semi-dark metal/rock piece with a lot of different parts perfect for different uses!
2k      54    9    01:50
Instrumental hard rock music composed for electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion, ideal for fitness, crossfit and sport topics in advertising, tv shows and training. Also great for action and motion scenes in films and tv series.
991      34    9    01:57
Some very dark metal, since it's Halloween and all that!
613      21    5    02:32
Let us take a moment to ponder the concept of the endless wave, every surfer's dream.
857      29    9    04:08
4k      137    38    05:16
Powerful and dark epic metal piece!
705      24    3    01:41
Today's Musical Dream Shadow.
2k      83    16    03:53
Mortem is a piece where the world of synths meets the world of extremely rough metal. And it actually works. This piece is dragged straight out of hell, at least the intro. It slows down a bit towards the middle, then builds it’s way up again. The last part is…....
824      27    6    03:22
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Julius Henry "Groucho" Marx is generally considered to have been a master of quick wit and one of America's greatest comedians. The purpose of my work is to showcase my unconventional style of original Music.
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My two favorite genres put together! Folk and metal.
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