"Modern music" is a term that can refer to a wide range of styles and genres that have emerged in recent times, typically in the 20th and 21st centuries. It can include various forms of contemporary classical music, as well as popular music styles such as rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music. The exact definition of "modern music" can vary depending on context and perspective.

Free Modern music

42k      2k    228    03:18
6/8 Starts nice, Ends frantic. The original melody was written to be performed on a Viol de Gamba... but I moved it over to oboe.
3k      122    26    01:14
A laid back and optimistic piece.Ideal for corporate or personal projects.
270      6    1    00:32
Inspirational and uplifting music track with groovy melodies that evoke feelings of happiness and joy.
4k      168    22    03:29
Cool game music with a touch of the 80ths. Brings me back to the old school game loops, but with a more modern feeling. Perfect game loop for your game. Maybe a sunrise/sunset scene or that underground midnight racing game that you are working on. Photo by Andre Hunter on...
30k      1k    113    02:02
The chase begins with horn blasts, and the kit plays a solid beat while the bass strings are a pulsing drone below the horn melody. The piece grows more tense and emotional, the strings taking the lead and rise into a flowing intensity. Danger returns in full force as the...
27k      1k    156    02:15
A calm buy mysterious composition that uses Glockenspiel and Celesta throughout. French Horns and Bass intercede throughout to accompany the Glockenspiel and Celesta. Violin and Viola in the background throughout the piece.
27k      1k    135    04:31
Slowly building tension power that really gets going when the super gnarly drums kick in after the violas... sort of in the section with the trumpet.... then there's this part that's all like "AHHHH AHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" And then there's some more "AHHHHHHHHH" and then even more and its like a...
4k      174    22    00:24
A catchy intro for modern podcasts or intros. Attention: Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to several high-resolution audio files including an extended version, drum and bass loop tracks and more. These will enable you to shape the intro sequence to your needs.
2k      75    17    02:06
An inspiring,motivating and positive track.Ideal for many corporate uses.
2k      103    7    03:29
Throbbing base. Epic high synths. Pulsing beats.
21k      924    99    02:38
Extraordinarily depressing piano solo. Please treat with caution... or meds. The uncompressed WAV file version of this <A HREF="">is available here</A> as played on 3 different pianos.
71k      3k    262    02:10
Funky, grooving, humorous..
54k      2k    257    04:08
Minimal and somewhat droney in parts, this has a beautiful calmness about it. You can use it to sell anti-depressants or high performance automobile parts. Also useful for time-lapse photography of the night sky... or maybe a rocket launch. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>. Download comes...
2k      70    11    03:21
22k      943    96    02:02
A lighter piece than the descriptors would imply. It is more hollow than dark, more motion-forward than driving. Builds continuously but slowly.<BR>