"Modern music" is a term that can refer to a wide range of styles and genres that have emerged in recent times, typically in the 20th and 21st centuries. It can include various forms of contemporary classical music, as well as popular music styles such as rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music. The exact definition of "modern music" can vary depending on context and perspective.

Free Modern music

1k      61    13    02:26
Morning Weekend Ukulele
32k      1k    142    02:47
Prominent clarinet means this is a bad tune to have under dialog, but with no dialog - it is quite neat.
25k      1k    76    01:12
Slow and measured quiet pulsing piano. For that "something is going on... and it probably won't be good" feel.
999      42    3    01:56
8k      332    20    05:08
Ac Guitar, Nachdenklich, Ruhig, getragen, bewegte Fläche, Science Fiction,
42k      2k    173    03:07
Starts thin and explodes suddenly and massively around the 44-second mark. The uncompressed download also comes with a cut where it starts out big. I'm assuming it will be used for the outro parts of videos. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>. Download comes with individual tracks...
29k      1k    130    01:32
Long broad notes with a solo oboe. The title probably says enough.
28k      1k    123    01:06
This is an awesome theme tune. For ANYthing. You got a dark comedy about an inept biologist? This will work. A gritty fantasy dealing with fairy politics? A sci-fi dystopian future where everyone likes sardines? A reality show about bicycle thieves? A slice-of-life serial about growing up in the Upper...
166k      7k    325    05:01
You know those lines on the highways? If you go exactly 70 miles per hour in the US, the lines will match up perfectly with this piece. I did the math. The actual tempo of this piece is 102.65 beats per minute.
55k      2k    209    03:07
A modern take on a 1970’s rock style. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.
64k      3k    236    05:17
Let's talk about why so much film music sounds like this. The construction allows any part to be muted and otherwise sculpted around the dialog without the loss of a theme or motive energy. There isn't really a theme to lose. You can't hum this one easily. There is a...
20k      796    65    03:12
Highly effected percussion piece at a mid tempo. This track was extracted from a larger work, but will lend some motion and reserved immediacy to any scene. <BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
23k      936    113    03:59
The title refers to a state of mind more than a physical thing. That sort of feeling you get when there are choices to be made... none of them very good ones.
655      13    3    02:29
Soft spring music - very soft instrumental music. We all are waiting for spring))
33k      1k    116    03:24
Very moody little piece with some melodic interest. Tension could be high grade or low grade depending on your context. Waiting for a drug deal to go through in Belize? This'll work. Concerned about the health of your hyacinth macaw while waiting at the vet office? This'll work. Waiting for...