"Modern music" is a term that can refer to a wide range of styles and genres that have emerged in recent times, typically in the 20th and 21st centuries. It can include various forms of contemporary classical music, as well as popular music styles such as rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic, and experimental music. The exact definition of "modern music" can vary depending on context and perspective.

Free Modern music

18k      451    43    03:32
Kind of techno, with a mix in of themes from Beethoven's overture as played on piano.
19k      487    36    03:08
I hesitate to assign a 'feel' to this because it is so exotic. It uses a 19 semitone scale which does not repeat at the octave. There are 9 semitones to a perfect fifth. The tuning is Wendy Carlos' "Alpha" scale. The piano strings are laid to horrible pain in...
19k      461    32    02:42
Dark and broody, this one starts thin, gets really muddy, and then releases to a faster clearer section. Where would I use this? No idea. I'm sure you'll think of something, though! You can <A HREF=>download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Download comes with individual tracks so you can make...
24k      570    33    01:31
"Yak-Sized Piece of Grit That Flew Into My Eye, Causing 15 Seconds of Painful Disorientation" for oboe and pianoforte. Calm in beginning, then disorientation, with a textbook resolve.<BR>
17k      400    34    01:45
A disturbingly sweet melody on an electric piano is accompanied with a slow and steady beat. Synth sounds undulate in the background, fighting for prominence. They ultimately melt away, leaving the piano melody to play one last despair-filled refrain.
32k      738    46    04:27
Musical wallpaper! You might think that's a bad thing, but it quite useful for playing under interviews, or during countdowns, or in really hip cafes where you can get an Americano (coffee) or an Americano (Campari+vermouth cocktail). Life Pro Tip: ALWAYS refrigerate your vermouth! It is a wine product and...
26k      530    34    00:37
Simple polyrhythms in a very small piece. Get it? Small!? Epsilon!?? Yeah... no worries. The fifth of a series.
18k      351    19    06:29
Highly processed and oddly played piano makes up the harmonic base of this piece. Sort sort of ticking clock thing... This is a brash mix, but probably not as bad as you think!<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
29k      535    38    01:40
This piece is also pretty loud - it has some traditional chordal structures. Considerable pedal at times makes the piece murkier than the others. The second of a series.
30k      464    35    00:38
Atonal, sure... but almost in the key of C... or C-sharp. No traditional harmonics, fast paced - but measured. The fourth of a series.
30k      415    32    01:08
Very loud and very discordant. Uses halves of the piano alternately. The first of a series.
39k      479    41    02:02
The rhythm adds the dissonance. An unsettling effect. More delicate than either of the first 2 piece. The third of a series.
231      1    0    01:10
59      0    1    00:13
The good-natured, light melody of the piano and bright strings will put the listener in a romantic mood and evoke beautiful feelings. Perfect for a beautiful video sequence with nature and animals.
174      0    1    00:13
Inspirational and uplifting music track with groovy melodies that evoke feelings of happiness and joy.