Radio Drama

Radio drama is a form of audio storytelling that has been around for over a century. It is typically heard on the radio and can also be found in podcasts, audio books and other forms of audio entertainment. The music used in radio dramas is an important aspect of the storytelling and it is specifically composed and produced to enhance the story and create a certain atmosphere or mood. It can include a variety of different styles, such as orchestral, electronic, or traditional folk music, and is often used to underscore dialogue and sound effects. The music can be used to create tension, suspense, or to convey a certain emotion.

The music is usually composed and produced separately from the dialogue and sound effects. This allows the composer to focus on creating the right atmosphere and emotion without being distracted by the dialogue or sound effects. The music is then mixed together with the dialogue and sound effects during the final stages of production to create a cohesive audio experience.

In addition to being used in traditional radio dramas, the music is also used in other forms of audio storytelling such as audio books and podcasts. These forms of audio entertainment have seen a resurgence in recent years, and the use of music in these productions has become increasingly important.

Overall, the music used in radio dramas plays a critical role in the storytelling and helps to create a more immersive and engaging experience for the listener. It is an important aspect of audio production and is an integral part of the overall audio experience.

Free Radio Drama music

3k      179    21    01:10
Sentimental music leaded by the piano marking the main rhythm. The melody is played by a cello and the mood is sentimental and emotional. The music fits very well on romantic positive scenes in weddings, films and Tv series.
6k      341    39    02:31
Instrumental music made for orchestra and piano. The music is sad, dramatic and solemn with a steady rhythm, and the style is very near to classical soundtrack. The composition is leaded by a piano, playing the main notes and rhythm. Later, other instruments like violas, violins and general strings are...
21k      1k    151    02:55
A very popular minimal techno piece. Perfect for half-dramatic content like commercials and other videos where you want your audience to think about what they’re seeing.
416k      45k    1k    03:19
Super laid-back chillin jazz hybrid piece. It has a sort of a tiki, spacey vibe. Available in 2 other versions (original, and elevator). This version cleanly loops.
4k      201    36    02:04
Instrumental music made for piano and orchestra. The style is very near to soundtrack music and the mood is poignant and sad, and later, with the incorporation of orchestral instruments, choirs and percussion, turns out more energetic and hopeful.
8k      424    61    02:48
A kinda depressing piano piece.. Usually when you think of spring, you’re thinking that brighter times are coming. The sun is showing up for the first time in a while, and people are generally happier. Unfortunately that’s not the case for Russia (I imagine).
3k      180    25    02:02
Instrumental composition made for piano solo. The music has a slow rhythm and the play is calm and quiet. The mood is sad, poignant and sentimental and fits very well on dramatic situations, Series and Films. Also for documentaries and other audiovisual media with this kind of mood and scenes.
6k      297    41    06:28
A melodic piano piece improvised from beginning to end. There’s actually a lot of diversity in this song even though it sounds quite similar all the way. I’m thinking nature content or traveling. But a piece like this can be used almost anywhere.
15k      785    91    01:49
Climb is a piece perfect for commercials or other corporate content. The slow piano and the melodic progression is written to be very mesmerizing. Use this for motivational content!
3k      138    22    01:59
Instrumental sad cinematic music made for piano, cello and orchestra, ideal for films and tv series, in mourning, relaxed and sad situations.
6k      294    53    02:22
Starts off very dramatic, fast and epic. Ends in some sort of Russian-epic-style-thing(what?)Very much rhythm and suspense!
4k      184    22    02:30
A melodic rock/metal piece with a really weird time signature. That doesn’t stop it from being cool, though. Inspired by some of my favorite Dream Theater riffs. A piece like this can fit a lot of places when it comes to video. Kinda depressive, kinda dark, but still hopeful and...
4k      201    21    02:24
A melodic piece perfect for advertisement or corporate content. Really motivational and inspiring. Doesn’t change too much, and it’s easy to loop/crossfade
384      17    3    00:58
An old music piece that I’ve composed for a short film, that has never been produced.
890      39    5    02:42