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Aug/09 Mud Lake Films

Thanks for all the work that has gone into this service!

50.00 €
Aug/04 Mad Dog Studio

Guys, you are doing a great job! I use some of the music for personal videos. I hope more people will donate to your great efforts and music!

50.00 €
Aug/06 White Raven Studios

We are so thankful for this website! Thank you for all that you do.

20.00 €
Aug/04 Anonymous 20.00 €
Jul/25 Trafojer Andreas 20.00 €
Aug/06 Anonymous 15.00 €
Aug/05 Danivek


10.00 €
Aug/05 jflgray

Much thanks for your varied musical scores. Used for family videos.

10.00 €
Aug/03 Mr Chris Hislop 10.00 €
Jul/19 Jonas Schupp 10.00 €
Aug/09 Stabitha Cru'ktfinger

Thank you for this! You're gonna make my baby podcast sound awesome. The Goblin Fabulist, if you're interested, working on E1 now :)

5.00 €
Aug/03 Pixel Dev 4.00 €

Free Rock music

Super nice drum fills and guitar work. Deliberate pace... like someone is on a mission.<BR>
11056      329    21    02:22
Designed for the backing music of a technology monologue; this is EQed to be compatible with voice-overs. It is a very brisk pace - with a couple half speed lines...
17470      452    41    04:01
Sort of an early surf rock piece.
25338      651    64    05:09
Guitars, keys, bass, percussion, electronics
3554      72    17    02:09
This one is just cool. If you just tried to dance to this and fell over, that's because every measure is missing one beat. Still it grooves quite well, assuming...
21171      540    60    03:41
A sort of funky, rocking, semi-swinging piece with enough dirt to make it cool. Like... jeans that were previously worn by coal miners that are sold in high-end stores.<BR><BR>This piece...
22634      606    54    03:29
A bit of minimalist indie electronic rock...My (very) rudimentary guitar playing! Me pretending I'm The Edge lol
805      23    1    03:06
Making a musical mockery using the melody from schoolyard taunts. This pieces rawks out. Major props to the drummer. This is the slower of a set of 2 pieces with...
18828      397    43    03:18
Intro, logo sound branding for anything
1057      22    3    00:19
1863      32    7    02:46
2421      61    4    02:53
Bouncy piece, usable in spy setting. Stays similar throughout, easily looped, if necessary.<BR> A touch of old school Tarantino.
21983      453    41    03:20
Everything is goin' to hell down here in Texas... Sarcastic hard rock, krunch guitars, drums, electronics crazy, madness, police, riots, endtimes, horror, funny, fun, humor, satire, sarcasm, americans, texas, energy,...
1317      22    4    02:32
Funtastic little piece written for a movie trailer's more quirky section.<BR><BR>
46320      797    51    00:47
Music "Feed Him(森林中の地下矿)" is a Game BGM composed by 李少清(Luna) A monster has come to the forest, all the dwarfs and elves need to feed him and dig his mines...
4757      83    8    01:50