Silent Film Score

"Silent film score" music refers to the music that was composed and performed to accompany silent films during the era when films had no synchronized sound. This music was typically played live by a pianist or small ensemble in the theater as the film was being screened, and it was intended to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Silent film scores could range from simple improvisations to elaborate compositions, and they often included a mix of popular songs, classical music, and original pieces specifically written for the film. Some silent films also used pre-recorded music tracks or cue sheets which provide the specific music for each scene of the film. Silent film scores are an important part of the history of film and music.

Free Silent Film Score music

8k      721    105    02:35
Silly classical comedy piece perfect for funny videos on YouTube, TikTok etc.
5k      353    59    02:12
Silly classical comedy piece perfect for funny videos on YouTube, TikTok etc.
3k      209    32    02:29
Silly classical comedy piece perfect for funny videos on YouTube, TikTok etc.
10k      584    113    02:06
Halloween Song ideal for Comedy and Children
6k      321    74    01:38
Smoking colts, wild horse chases through the prairie ..... a cool Italo-Western soundtrack in the style of Ennio Morricone
27k      2k    192    02:32
Even the piece itself is hilarious. Add it to comedy content and you’re good to go. I can’t really explain the title. It’s just as stupid as the song.
10k      537    96    02:39
My track Jazzi, has been well received here, so now there is a reloaded. Happy upbeat jazz music for comedy, children and much more.
12k      570    122    00:54
If you’ve just purchased plane tickets to France, I’m sure you’ll refund those now. You’re welcome!
10k      488    92    02:59
Happy Swing track similar to my Jazzi
9k      411    77    02:04
The best instrument ever invented! This is a fast banjo piece perfect for humorous content. I do not suggest putting this over serious content, you’ll ruin it.
4k      187    44    02:22
Instrumental music made for piano. The music is fun and happy, and the style is very close to traditional jazz and ragtime from old silent movies. This music fits perfect in fun scenes and funny situations like comedy and silent funny scenes. Also for children topics.
310k      17k    1k    03:07
Elegant and slightly dark, the simplicity of the piano melody is light and touching, with a feeling of pensive restraint. It is beautiful accompaniment to the close of a drama, or of a midday reverie. Composed by Erik Satie.
333k      19k    1k    03:36
Sort of inspired by the 1930s, and sort of inspired by all-out weird. Definitely recommend taking a listen to this piece. Make sure you get to the 1 minute mark... fun times trumpet playing await! I personally enjoy how the clarinet play tries to follow the trumpet player - doesn't...
169k      9k    516    02:06
Slower, solo piano version of the "Look Busy" piece (found elsewhere on this site).
220k      12k    873    01:57
Comedic, free-wheeling fun! A full uncompressed version of this piece is <A HREF=" ">available for download here</A>! Comes with bonus material.