Silent Film Score

"Silent film score" music refers to the music that was composed and performed to accompany silent films during the era when films had no synchronized sound. This music was typically played live by a pianist or small ensemble in the theater as the film was being screened, and it was intended to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Silent film scores could range from simple improvisations to elaborate compositions, and they often included a mix of popular songs, classical music, and original pieces specifically written for the film. Some silent films also used pre-recorded music tracks or cue sheets which provide the specific music for each scene of the film. Silent film scores are an important part of the history of film and music.

Free Silent Film Score music

304k      15k    835    00:54
Every generation has its masterpiece; Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, Beethoven's 9th Symphony, Rossini's "William Tell". This is such a piece. For nearly one minute, "Farting Around" will transport you to a new world. A world of unadulterated joy. A world of pure farts.
64k      3k    302    01:10
If naming tracks is so easy, you try it! Possibly sneaking, possibly comedic dialog, possibly comedic dialog while sneaking...
69k      3k    233    03:51
Happy, peppy, vibraphone piece. Sounds like the late 1950's or early 1960's. You can <A HREF="">download this in uncompressed format here</A>! Download comes with individual tracks so you can make your own mixes.
44k      2k    152    03:15
Background ragtime feel that won't attract attention to itself.
45k      2k    180    03:28
The classic ragtime ditty of Scott Joplin, perfect for a silent film of whimsy and humor. The piece begins with a short intro, then plays the bouncy rhythm of with a bright plodding beat. At the end of the third minute, the pace quickens, and leads into a darker refrain,...
46k      2k    216    02:25
A slow waltz with a beautiful and haunting melody played mostly in the higher registers. A few notes were added to Satie?s composition to keep things interesting and give the music a more full sound, the music ends with a very dark chord. This music is sad and tragic, and...
28k      1k    127    01:27
With elements of a quick Russian polka playing in the immigrant section of industrial-era New York City, this piece is mainly in a minor key, but at the halfway point changes to a major key, reversing the feel and tone for a few seconds, before reverting to the darkness of...
23k      1k    76    00:52
Tuba and trumpets with a sting at the end. 2 short versions included, one with trumpets and one without.
31k      1k    122    06:20
My first true Baroom Piano sound. chorusing detuned on the upper strings. Very warm sound.
49k      2k    172    02:20
bubbly ragtime piano with an occasional tuba.
37k      2k    180    02:39
This piece is dramatic and very dynamic; in the beginning and towards the end the music is soft and tender, but it is punctuated by aggressive changes in volume and minor chords throughout. This piece could work well to depict grief, as the emotions and feelings are similarly mercurial. Composed...
49k      2k    163    06:14
Soaring and delicate piece for full string orchestra.<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
59k      3k    342    08:41
J. S. Bach's most famous organ piece. BWV 565. (Beckerath German baroque pipe organ)
28k      1k    88    02:10
Comically voiced and constructed. Slower (at 90BPM) but it still moves along.
27k      1k    127    01:50
Peppy piano piece that has a tinge of darkness, but is always happy! An uncompressed version of <A HREF="">this piece in nine different forms at 2 different tempos on 3 different pianos</A> is availble!