Silent Film Score

"Silent film score" music refers to the music that was composed and performed to accompany silent films during the era when films had no synchronized sound. This music was typically played live by a pianist or small ensemble in the theater as the film was being screened, and it was intended to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Silent film scores could range from simple improvisations to elaborate compositions, and they often included a mix of popular songs, classical music, and original pieces specifically written for the film. Some silent films also used pre-recorded music tracks or cue sheets which provide the specific music for each scene of the film. Silent film scores are an important part of the history of film and music.

Free Silent Film Score music

932      36    15    02:13
This is a kind and sometimes quirky soundtrack to a fictional cartoon world with a pronounced main motive, dynamically developing through various instruments, including the Indian tampura, which at some points was not even afraid to take on the main melody.
4k      72    13    00:41
29k      1k    103    02:31
A short piece for small orchestra. The flutes play off the bassoon well. The B section includes a pleasant string theme. This piece culminates in a nice, easy ending.<BR>
31k      1k    138    00:41
Light but dim. Nice for a 'classy' villain with a plan.
30k      1k    163    02:21
Two short pieces in one file. Deliberate clockwork theme.
19k      743    56    01:39
Darkly plodding, this staccato piano piece is the tense setting for the classic silent film scene: the heroine is tied to the train tracks, the steam engine train plugging along towards her. The chug-a-chug feel is maintained by a tense hammering of the chords in triplets, depicting machinery or chaos...
22k      866    73    00:45
Short Theme in two tempos for your silly bad guy.
3k      124    31    03:56
It's been a while since i last posted. Had a lot going on in life but I'm finding more time to work on new stuff! :)
3k      109    28    01:36
Music from the imagination of the Shire. Maybe it suits the royal elf.
36k      1k    138    00:41
Light background... possibly for a physical comedy bit.
34k      1k    135    03:16
Co-written with Bryan Teoh while he was on vacation (Thanks Bryan!) this is all the mystery and chill groove you need. So come on you cats and swingers, enjoy yourself a Jet Pilot (served in a pineapple of course) and help unravel the Secret of Tiki Island! Can you save...
24k      926    92    00:38
Circus-type march. Fits really well with humorous content. It's short and efficient. Easy to loop as well!
48k      2k    164    01:48
An all percussion tension-sustaining piece... More chaotic than symmetric, but enough repeated themes to keep it cohesive.<BR>
27k      1k    85    00:47
22k      832    83    01:04
Quirky little duet. Major contrast between a staccato piano line, and the sweeping long bass clarinet.<BR>