Silent Film Score

"Silent film score" music refers to the music that was composed and performed to accompany silent films during the era when films had no synchronized sound. This music was typically played live by a pianist or small ensemble in the theater as the film was being screened, and it was intended to enhance the emotional impact of the visual images on screen. Silent film scores could range from simple improvisations to elaborate compositions, and they often included a mix of popular songs, classical music, and original pieces specifically written for the film. Some silent films also used pre-recorded music tracks or cue sheets which provide the specific music for each scene of the film. Silent film scores are an important part of the history of film and music.

Free Silent Film Score music

50k      2k    176    02:20
bubbly ragtime piano with an occasional tuba.
38k      2k    183    02:39
This piece is dramatic and very dynamic; in the beginning and towards the end the music is soft and tender, but it is punctuated by aggressive changes in volume and minor chords throughout. This piece could work well to depict grief, as the emotions and feelings are similarly mercurial. Composed...
59k      3k    345    08:41
J. S. Bach's most famous organ piece. BWV 565. (Beckerath German baroque pipe organ)
50k      2k    165    06:14
Soaring and delicate piece for full string orchestra.<BR> This piece of music is <A HREF="">available in an uncompressed format here</A>.
27k      1k    127    01:50
Peppy piano piece that has a tinge of darkness, but is always happy! An uncompressed version of <A HREF="">this piece in nine different forms at 2 different tempos on 3 different pianos</A> is availble!
28k      1k    88    02:10
Comically voiced and constructed. Slower (at 90BPM) but it still moves along.
33k      1k    132    02:30
Ascending and descending chromatic scales gives this piece an air of mischief; perfectly suited for a cartoon. It has moments of tenuous fluidity, rapid motion, and a touch of suspense, making it perfect for the classic scene where the hero is sneaking past the sleeping giant.
52k      2k    182    05:03
Super jaunty quick tune with 3 distinct parts. The main theme starts in the beginning, Super syncopated theme starts at about a minute in, and the industrial comedy theme starts at 1:30 or so. You can <A HREF="">download the full uncompressed version AND the electronic version AND the record-player version...
37k      2k    128    01:52
The melody for this piece is in the bass keys, while the high notes play a headache-splitting constant rhythm. At the one-minute mark the high-pitched notes drop several octaves to play a crunched staccato before returning to the previous theme. The last thirty seconds feature drawn out chords, and the...
21k      918    69    01:36
Mysterious piano Impromptu.
31k      1k    115    00:52
Tuba carries the character of the piece.
32k      1k    119    01:10
Most famously used in the film "Hugo".
29k      1k    87    01:28
Background horror music. Solo midrange piano. Easy to loop!
2k      32    9    01:35
Itßs a very gentle, sentimental piece with guitar and horn and wonderful melodies
21k      869    88    00:46
Clean version of this piece. 2 sections; one choppy, and one smooth. (see also distressed)