Unclassifiable music refers to music that does not fit neatly into any established genre or category. It may incorporate elements from various styles and be difficult to describe or classify using traditional music classification methods. It can also refer to music that defies easy categorization because of its experimental or avant-garde nature.

Free Unclassifiable music

312      13    0    01:29
A short music piece I composed for a short film in 2021.
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3k      125    20    01:49
Spooky Halloween Background Music for Parties, Shows, Movies, Horror, Trailer, Radio plays and much more
411      15    4    04:53
Conspiracy theories. Alien overlords. Schizophrenic hellscape. Find the clone labs and destroy them.
360      13    5    06:31
Warning: contains very loud pig squeals. This is the soundtrack of a recurring nightmare a friend described to me. She told me of Nazis, an abduction and drowning, and pigs galore. I'm told it helped her make the awful dream go away...
2k      62    16    01:39
Confrontation scene between protagonist and antagonist. Features a mix of analog synths, electric guitars, echoing drums, and an underlayment of a Gregorian-style chant. Eerie as hell, a real sense of foreboding.
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3k      90    22    02:11
What do you get when you take an old Ensoniq Sampler and a Microphone in your Hand? Right... a fun piece for Comedy, Tutorials, Kids scenes and much more! :-)
779      27    3    01:19
329      11    1    03:37
Kite Fly High is a hiphop genre instrumental music soundtrack. Music inspiration came from kids who likes to fly kites high up on the sky. It could train their kite flying skills and relax themselves after their studies as a hobby enjoyment. As kite flew acrossed the sky, they were...
27k      2k    323    00:24
974      32    0    02:32
A dark side of Americana, as seen through the rose colored glasses.
13k      822    107    04:44
Sie sitzt am Fenster, schaut in den Regen, der schon seit Tagen beständig gegen die Scheibe trommelt, und trauert ihrer einen großen Liebe nach, die sie nie wiedersehen wird ... She sits at the window, looks at the rain, which has been pattering against the window for days, and mourns...
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2k      65    11    02:09
Chilled music for anything
577      18    0    02:56
Finally.....you get to take a break...
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3k      77    12    02:09
My Track Evening, with Drums
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2k      49    13    03:12
Dark film and background music from a pre-medieval long-forgotten era