Unclassifiable music refers to music that does not fit neatly into any established genre or category. It may incorporate elements from various styles and be difficult to describe or classify using traditional music classification methods. It can also refer to music that defies easy categorization because of its experimental or avant-garde nature.

Free Unclassifiable music

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A little playful, yet solemn track with world instruments. This track is part of the Remaster Series which contains older music prior uploaded onto my Youtube channel. Upon buying a premium license, you will get access to an uncompressed 24bit wav-File of the track.
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An eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern music, Latin music, Jazz, Ambient music, and the spoken word poetry of Emily Dickinson. The lyrics are in the public domain and are as follows: I took my Power in my Hand And went against the World. 'Twas not so much as David had...
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Du sitzt am Steuer deines 65er Mustangs und fährst über die endlos scheinende Gerade auf das Monument Valley zu. Über dir nur wolkenloser Himmel und grenzenlose Freiheit ... You sit at the wheel of your '65 Mustang and drive over the seemingly endless straight towards Monument Valley. Above you only...
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Leg dich hin, schließ die Augen und tauch ein in das Meer der Ruhe und Entspannung ... Lay down, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sea of peace and relaxation ...
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Simple, bouncy, optimistic theme with a soaring counter melody. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Life is good.
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Did somebody say "retro"? I honestly don’t even know what kind of music this is. Almost like a hybrid between retro game music and modern electronica. This is the kind of piece that someone will hate, and others will love.
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A humble track. Works perfect with timelapses and more. I have no actual clue what genre I should classify this. It has electronic, rock and orchestral elements. Very melodic and interesting.
282      5    0    02:35
Your Musical Clairvoyant Odyssey...remote viewing at it's finest.
344      6    0    02:54
Warrior Challenge is an EDM nstrumental genre music track. Music inspiration came from a warrior have no fear wiilingness took up another new challenge in his or her life and head on to meet his or her opponent. He or she began to fight the enemy in order to save...
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These trumpets are like thorns to your ear, but they truly sends a signal.