Voiceover music, also known as background music or underscore, is a type of music that is used in film and video production to enhance the overall impact of the voiceover. It is played during the recording of the voiceover, and its purpose is to help convey the intended message of the production and to create an emotional response in the audience. The music is chosen to complement the mood or tone of the voiceover and to help set the scene or create a specific atmosphere. For example, if the voiceover is in a dramatic scene, the music might be chosen to create tension and suspense. Similarly, if the voiceover is in a happy or uplifting scene, the music might be chosen to create a sense of joy and positivity. Voiceover music can also be used to provide context for the voiceover, such as when it is used to indicate the location or time period of the scene. Overall, voiceover music plays an important role in helping to create an immersive and engaging experience for the audience.

Free Voiceover music

2k      88    12    01:34
A laid back,nostalgic,corporate style track.Nice and mellow.
8k      340    36    04:05
Die Gassi-Runde mit dem besten Freund, diesmal im Jogging-Tempo ... The walk with your best friend, this time at a jogging pace ...
7k      275    27    04:26
Auf der Jagd nach Schnäppchen hetzen die Leute die Gänge der Einkaufszentren entlang, ein Auge immer auf die Preisschilder gerichtet, bereit, für das ultimative Sonderangebot allen Einkaufswagen die Vorfahrt zu nehmen! People rushing down the aisles of malls in search of bargains, keeping an eye on price tags, ready to...
118k      5k    270    03:33
We all need sadness sometimes. I have a sadness Loot-Box subscription. This month, I got some get-well cards for babies, wilted iceberg lettuce, a 1999 Gateway laptop, 3 popped balloons, and a die-hard Montreal Expos fan. The service ships everything in an empty box of wine with a broken spigot.
7k      298    51    03:06
Du stehst am Rande des Canyons, blickst über dieses majestätische Naturschauspiel und merkst, wie sich mit einem Mal Prioritäten bei dir neu sortieren. You stand on the edge of the canyon, look over this majestic natural spectacle and notice how all of a sudden your priorities are rearranged.
1k      54    12    01:42
A pleasant,gentle acoustic track.Great for light commercials,family,presentations etc.
10k      416    51    02:37
An einem sonnigen Sonntag Nachmittag flanieren Pärchen die Uferpromenade entlang, auf der Suche nach einem Straßencafé, auf dessen Terrasse man bei Kaffee und Kuchen Leute beobachten und das Leben genießen kann ... On a sunny Sunday afternoon, couples stroll along the promenade in search of a street café, on whose...
8k      322    35    01:34
A happy "elevator music" loop. Perfect for background music in an RPG game. Perfect background for the town shop, or the beach map, or why not the friendly starting town. Of course this friendly loop also works nice as a background for any positive or relaxed message. Photo by Christelle...
890      35    13    01:44
A funky corporate dance type track.Ideal for all business,leisure and personal uses
3k      99    21    01:10
An up beat corporate track.Ideal for ;infomercials,training videos,voice overs etc.
220k      9k    526    07:09
They make you think, but not too much. When you have a character in your film that is doing something, but we aren't quite sure why, THIS is your track. Packing a suitcase full of marshmallows? Half Mystery! Wiring a toaster into the side of a city bus? Half Mystery!...
2k      78    21    02:27
A warm meditation track,ideal for;nature,voice over,relaxation etc.
10k      387    25    03:59
Du sitzt am Steuer deines 65er Mustangs und fährst über die endlos scheinende Gerade auf das Monument Valley zu. Über dir nur wolkenloser Himmel und grenzenlose Freiheit ... You sit at the wheel of your '65 Mustang and drive over the seemingly endless straight towards Monument Valley. Above you only...
2k      67    8    01:36
A joyful,corporate style track.Ideal for many types of productions.
4k      148    25    01:36
A mellow track,featuring gentle acoustic guitar a calm piano melody.Ideal for;voice over,slideshows,business,nostalgia and romance.