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22 hrs ago by NarekNersesyan2007 about Revolt Of The Machines by Frank Schröter
First :)
24 hrs ago by DreadSquad about Stop Loving You by Luca Fraula
Well, I tried searching on google and on youtube "Stop Loving You" and also "Italian Singer" or "Vittoria Verrone" but there's nothing, I really would like to know more songs by that singer but I cont find them anywhere...I would appreciate some help guys
2 days ago by Lainey about Balloon Game by Kevin MacLeod
very funny.
2 days ago by Kail1882 about Morning Star by Rafael Krux
Love this piece! It worked so well in my video. Thank you for creating it and sharing your gift with the world! I'd post a link but I'm going to assume that isn't allowed.
2 days ago by Lainey about Motivator by Kevin MacLeod
Ah. Quality music for my favorite smiling face.
2 days ago by boommusic about Dream Guitar by Frank Schröter
wiggin123 Thank you very much. I am pleased that you like my new track. Best regards Frank
3 days ago by wiggin123 about Dream Guitar by Frank Schröter
Beautiful track. I've used so much music from this site. Thanks so much Sascha and Kevin (and to all the other artists). I'm donating this week. Wish you had another method to accept donations aside from Paypal; I would have been able to donate much earlier if so. Anyway, better late than never. Sorry for the delay in showing my gratitude.
3 days ago by saschaende about Pink Tears by DreamHeaven
There is a big message regarding YouTube and you used it anyway... so it is your fault! There is a world outside of YouTube, believe it or not.
3 days ago by dusoft about Move Forward by Kevin MacLeod
Monkey Island ;-)
4 days ago by asavol about Pink Tears by DreamHeaven
I got the claim, and it is difficult to follow what is going here? It says that DreamHeaven is claiming? If so, why on earth you are offering also Filmmusic Standard license here, if it is not valid?? UG (limited)
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