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19. October 2021 by akashnegi about Eastern Backdrop by Brian Holtz Music
I got a copyright claim for this song. I am using the free license and I gave the proper credit to the artist. Here is the video link How can I mitigate this issue? Let me know I missed anything from my end.
18. October 2021 by PoliticalPuffin about Protofunk by Kevin MacLeod
Hi Kevin. This is the bomb, as I believe the youth say ;) Seriously, it is fantastic. I downloaded this originally because I liked it so much as a piece of music. I have a YT channel <pfff, well, it's something> and whilst I believe you shouldn't use something you really like in that setting just in case listening to it over and over makes ou tire or it, I couldn't help myself! I've got to say, the intro/outro blocks take much longer to edit so that I can listen to your tune :) Anyway, enough babbling. I wanted to say this is a great piece, your other work that I am familiar with is the same great standard. I've obviously credited you but I will make sure that every chance I get I'll let people know about you and your work. Thanks and I hope you are doing ok and you and yours are keeping safe. Cheers, Dave
16. October 2021 by 1935791542 about Shaving Mirror by Kevin MacLeod
ZexyZek skate 3
08. October 2021 by ZenPowersGaming about Space Jazz by Kevin MacLeod
I dig it! Very nice!!
08. October 2021 by Jalor about The North by Kevin MacLeod
Used this as the "theme song" for a Call of Cthulhu campaign centered around Ithaqua, the Wind-Walker. This 20 second loop now makes me want to check my closet for a wendigo before I turn out the lights, and I'm the one who came up with the plot! 10/10 would go mad from the revelation again.
03. October 2021 by Sanath about Happy Memory (loopable) by chilledmusic
Thank you so much for your melodious music. Appreciated your generosity.
02. October 2021 by about Space Jazz by Kevin MacLeod
02. October 2021 by damien119 about Gregorian Chant by Kevin MacLeod
Dark but not disturbing. Melancholy but not depressing. Thank you for this excellent work. Catharsis achieved.
30. September 2021 by depthperception about Long Note Three by Kevin MacLeod
Thanks for this track. Used the first part of it in my first drone video: I hope you approve :)
29. September 2021 by taigasoundprod about Rock Guitar Intro 02 by TaigaSoundProd
Good afternoon. I didn't plan to make any other versions for this track. I can make these versions to order, you can contact me by e-mail. UG (limited)
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